Isla Fisher has cleared up fan rumors that her father inspired her husband Sacha Baron Cohen‘s character Borat, after she posted a picture of her dad on Instagram.

Fisher posted a black and white photo of her dad with the caption: “This is my dad, Poppa Fish. I love him, he’s the greatest and I am so thankful to have him in my life ❤️” In the picture, “Poppa Fish” sports a bushy mustache, reminding her followers of her husband’s Borat character.

“No way. Looks like borats dad 🤣🙊,” wrote one Instagram user.

“He looks like Sasha,” said another.

“Very Niice!” one fan wrote, referencing Borat’s signature line.

On Sunday, Fisher addressed the comments while on Australian entertainment talk show The Project.

“I was on your Instagram, and I noticed you put up a photo of your dad, Papa Fish, but I couldn’t help thinking when I first saw him, ‘Did your husband use him for the inspiration for Borat?'” host Tommy Little asks the actress.

She laughed, and responded, “My father has also dabbled in many types of facial hair. He’s grown a long beard, a short beard, you know, sideburns, no sideburns, a handlebar mustache, pencil thin mustache.”

“He’s definitely rocked many looks over the ages,” she said.

She added that she could see where fan theories coming from, but she put them to rest. “You’re right, in that photo it does seem like it’s a nod to that character, but no, he’s just a very dapper gent expressing himself.”

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