British news organization Channel 4 News reported that a critical ISIS recruiting Twitter account has been linked to a Seattle woman.

Rawdah Abdisalaam Recruiting For ISIS?

ISIS recruitment Twitter account, @_UmmWaqqas, was reportedly confirmed as belonging to Rawdah Abdisalaam, a young woman who lived in Seattle. The Twitter account was recently disabled by Twitter, and Abdisalaam has since deleted her Facebook page, according to reporter Mike Smith.

Abdisalaam allegedly used her Twitter account to recruit young extremists, sometimes tweeting out duties of her Muslim faith, while also using the account to help others plan their escape to join ISIS. Given reports of her alleged involvement with the terrorist group, former FBI chief David Gomez told Channel 4 that, based on the information in the article, the FBI would likely open a case on Abdisalaam, but the FBI has not yet commented on the report.

According to Channel 4, Abdisalaam was a seemingly normal young American. She was a fan of the Denver Broncos, loved pizza and was studying journalism in college before switching to teaching. Channel 4 reported that her friends confirmed the Twitter account, @_UmmWaqqas, belonged to her, but whether or not Abdisalaam is actually the person behind the pro-ISIS tweets is unknown.

Channel 4 News claims that @_UmmWaqqas previously exchanged messages with the organization via Twitter in March, and the user claimed to be from Finland and living in Islamic State territory.

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