Just last week the wildest talk about Wendi Deng, the third ex-wife of Rupert Murdoch, was speculation over her appearance in the front row of a Paris Fashion Week show with violinist and part-time underwear model Charlie Siem (who is 17 years younger than the 47-year-old.)

But now, the internet is exploding with reports of Deng and Russian President Vladimir Putin possibly being an item. No details or factual evidence have been released other than this slew of rumors that hit the internet all at once today.

The story started on Us Weekly, with many disclaimers that they had no evidence other than widespread rumors in Europe and Asia and a source that said that the two were a “serious” item. The Daily Mail went with the story as well, with no additional details other than that Deng had been spotted on Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich‘s superyacht recently, as Abramovich’s partner, Dasha Zhukova, are good friends. Abramovich and Putin are also known to be great friends. Maybe to some people the implications are obvious.

But then Vanity Fair decided to report the story as well. Maybe the story was too scandalous to leave to the gossip columns.

Strangely, the story has been untouched by the news outlets under Murdoch’s control. Maybe this is the true hint that this might be more than just a rumor blown out of proportion. Or it’s proof of the opposite, it’s truly hard to tell.

Putin split with his wife Lyudmila Putina of 30 years in 2013. Following this he had rumored connections with Russian gymnast Alina Kabeva. There was even talk of them having a love child, but Putin’s representatives were quick to put down the rumors.

“Information that a child has been born to Vladimir Putin is not true,” said Dmitry Peskov, “I am planning to appeal to people who have money to organize a competition for best journalistic hoax.”

Murdoch and Deng, who had shared 14 years of marriage, reportedly split in 2014 because Murdoch found secret diary entries revealing a love affair between Deng and former British prime minister Tony Blair.

“Pierce blue eyes which I love. Love his eyes,” one of the entries read, “Also I love his power on the stage…”

Blair has consistently denied that there was ever anything inappropriate in their relationship, with the support of Blair’s wife, Cherie.

Some say that this could be another vicious installment in a post-divorce competition between Murdoch and Deng. Murdoch married former supermodel Jerry Hall, an ex-of Mick Jagger, just a month ago.

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