This year, Iron Maiden will be flying around the world for their upcoming tour in their customized Boeing 747 named “Ed Force One” piloted by none other than lead singer Bruce Dickinson.

Dickinson has been piloting planes since 1990 so taking the reigns of the 747 shouldn’t be a problem.

The band has been dropping hints on their social media about the plane and released a video of the mammoth machine via Periscope.

“The greatest benefit of traveling in a 747 is that, because of its colossal size and freight capacity we can carry our stage production and all our stage equipment and desks in the cargo hold without having to make any of the immense structural modifications needed to do this on the previous 757, the extent of which fans will have noted on the Flight 666 DVD,” said Dickinson on their website. “All we will need to do is ‘paint’ it and move a few seats around, with the added advantage that there is much more room for band and crew – our Krew can almost get a row of seats each to catch up on sleep on the flights!”

The plane is fully prepped with the Iron Maiden logo and is named after their mascot, “Ed the Head.” It also has the names of all 35 cities that the tour will travel to on the front.

The band also tweeted, “Just look at #EdForceOne in the early morning sunshine, how amazing! @IronMaiden World Tour takes off tomorrow!”

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