Interstellar, Christopher Nolan's science fiction drama, stars Matthew McConaughey as an astronaut that risks his life on a dangerous mission to save the human race.

In Interstellar, Cooper (McConaughey) is called on to lead a daring space expedition that will push the limits of interstellar travel. He commits to the mission with a group of men and women, who, like him, believe it's worth putting their lives in mortal peril on the off chance that they'll find an answer to save humanity. The world they've known is fast becoming inhabitable for humans, making it an imperative that a new planet elsewhere in the universe can be the human race's new home.

Interstellar Reviews

Directed by Nolan from a script he penned with his brother Jonathan Nolan, Interstellar has won the praise of the majority of film critics. One of the things that reviewers have found most compelling about Interstellar is its affecting heart. In addition to the science-fiction action and philisophical conceit are the deeply-felt emotions of people leaving their families to fight for the good of generations to come.

“Interstellar, the new genre-defying epic by director Christopher Nolan, is such a huge, expansive movie that it fills your head until it threatens to overflow. You walk out of the theater dazzled, jazzed, overwhelmed, relieved and, for those without a degree in quantum physics, a tad confused. This is Nolan’s unabashed tribute to 2001: A Space Odyssey, the first movie he ever saw at the age of 8 and the one that made him decide to be a filmmaker. Only unlike Kubrick’s work, the movie isn’t pure, cold science: It has heart and emotion and is populated by real people, so don’t be surprised if you walk out of the theater a little teary-eyed, too.” – Rene Rodriguez, Miami Herald

"Interstellar" is a near-future story of an intergalactic search for other planets that might support life in the way we've become accustomed to. But though it's a big studio blockbuster with all the traditional plot elements the term implies, "Interstellar" turns out to be the rarest beast in the Hollywood jungle. It's a mass audience picture that's intelligent as well as epic, with a sophisticated script that's as interested in emotional moments as immersive visuals. Which is saying a lot.” – Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

"Christopher Nolan’s 168-minute odyssey through the space-time continuum is stuffed with stuff of bewildering wrongness. Eager for grandeur, I went in hoping for the very best from a filmmaker with his own vision of the theatrical medium’s potential. The last thing I expected was a space adventure burdened by turgid discussions of abstruse physics, a wavering tone, visual effects of variable quality and a time-traveling structure that turns on bloodless abstractions.” – Joe Morgenstern, The Wall Street Journal

"Christopher Nolan wants us to think big. As in big ideas on a big screen. In “Interstellar,” the director exhorts humanity to aim for the stars — literally. And he makes his sales pitch for investing in wonder with a spectacular presentation that would be wasted on a TV, tablet or smartphone. This is epic cinema that begs to be compared to “2001: A Space Odyssey.” But unlike Stanley Kubrick’s psychedelic joyride, this journey is powered by a human heart.” – Joe Williams, St. Louis Dispatch

Interstellar, rated PG-13, is currently in wide release. Anne Hathaway, Wes Bentley and Jessica Chastain all star.

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