Warning ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Spoilers Ahead!

Spider-Man: No Way Home writers Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers revealed that they had rewritten the scene where Peter 1 (Tom Holland) meets Peter 2 (Tobey Maguire) and Peter 3 (Andrew Garfield) on the rooftop at least 10 times.

Considering that the writers wanted Garfield and Maguire’s Spider-Men to be Holland’s Spidey’s inspiration for not giving up on helping the villains while also continuing their arcs from each of their respective franchises, this scene required “a lot of conversations and a lot of writing” according to Sommers.

“When they got pulled into this movie, what condition were they in? What were they doing? What was their mindset? The end of the last Amazing Spider-Man had this really nice speech from Gwen about staying hopeful and everything. And immediately it became interesting to us. Well, what if Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man, if his Peter Parker couldn’t do it, he couldn’t keep that hope. He was too hurt by what happened. And so, that led us to the attitude that we found for him.”

“And then we also had to think long and hard about where Tobey’s Spider-Man would be in,” Sommers continued. “And that was a more difficult question ’cause more time has gone by. And what has that guy been up to? And then of course the actors had opinions about what their Spider-Man, what their Peter Parkers should have been up to, and where they’d be coming from as well.”

McKenna added that the writers and actors were not the only ones involved in nailing down this emotional meeting scene but also the president of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige, Spider-Man producer Amy Pascal and No Way Home director Jon Watts.

The final product ended up combining all the ideas from previous drafts which resulted in pleasing numerous fans as well as the writers.

“A lot of the pieces are there, but in slightly different ways,” McKenna explained. “And it’s just an evolution and for us, it’s just a privilege to work with all these incredible people. And we were all working together, that’s what was so great about it. Just trying to make sure it was living up to this great concept.”

Holland admitted that he, along with Garfield and Maguire, cried while filming the rooftop scene.

“We were on set shooting the rooftop scene where I meet the boys for the first time, and before one of the takes … It must have been my close-up or something. It was one that really, really required me to bring the emotion to the shot.

“So I went up to the two boys on the level that they were standing, and I said to them, ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing this. Thank you for being here. Thank you for elevating Spider-Man in the ways that you have. Thank you for being so gracious and allowing me to share this with you. Thank you for taking a leap of faith and coming back.”

“So we all embraced each other, and we were all crying because it meant so much to us. And Jon Watts, Amy Pascal and the writers saw this moment between the three of us and were like, ‘Brilliant! Well, now we know how they’re going to say goodbye to each other.'”

This sweet real-life moment that the Spider-Men actors shared together inspired the scene where their characters part ways towards the end of the movie.

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