On Tuesday, a jogger in St. Petersburg, Florida found a human head on the side of the road. The jogger called police at around 7:00 a.m. 

The police sent out a statement that read, “St. Petersburg Police are investigating what appears to be the discovery of human remains near the intersection of 38th Ave. S and 31st St. S, after a jogger alerted the department.” It continued, “38th Ave. S will be closed to traffic, so we are asking drivers to avoid the area.”

At 7:55 a.m., the police tweeted a photo of the police vehicles where the incident occurred. The post said, “#stpetepd investigating human head found on the side of the road on 38th Av S between 31st and 34th St. South. Anyone with info call 727-893-7780.”

The public Information Officer Yolanda Fernandez explained, “The head is too badly decomposed to determine sex.” She added, “But it is a decomposing head, it’s not like a skeleton. So our detectives feel like the person didn’t die there, so they’re going into the woods to see if they can find any other remains,”

The street where the head was found is usually not very populated and is surrounded by woods. The nearby businesses have also been closed. The jogger explained to police that she did not see the head when she ran the route on Sunday and did not run on Monday.

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