Despite lacking big twists, this week’s How I Met Your Father is much better than last week’s. Finally, in episode 4, “Dirrty Thirty,” other character arcs and relationships outside the “Sophie bubble” get a chance to grow and develop rather than solely exist for forced comic relief while throwing around unnecessary sexual innuendos. Not to mention getting more screen time with Josh Peck is always a bonus!

Warning Spoilers Ahead!

In this episode, Sophie lets her friends plan her Christina Aguileras “Dirrty” music video-themed party for her 30th birthday. However, after she invites the sophisticated and “adult-like” Drew to her birthday celebration, Sophie and her friends try to change her party into a classer theme to impress him.

After the party, unfortunately, ends up going a bit haywire, Sophie is honest with Drew and tells him that she is not quite “a mature adult” yet. Drew, being the sweet gentleman he is, does not care and likes her for who she is while admitting that his being “super mature” has caused him to miss out on some fun growing up.

In the meantime, Jesse and Ellen have a heart-to-heart about growing up separated due to their parents’ divorce. Jesse explains that he was only nine years old and did not want to leave their father alone when their parents split after Ellen tells him that she felt like he had abandoned her. He further informs her that he had asked their father about her all the time and even apologizes for missing out on being her older brother.

This arc is so important. It is not very often that we see representations of siblings who grew up apart on TV or even in film. Hopefully, this touches viewers who may have experienced this themselves and allows them to feel seen and heard.

I also really love the fact that Jesse and Ellen communicate their misunderstanding, as miscommunication is a very common cause of arguments.

Finally, Valentina and Charlie become official. While they are obviously both still immature (especially Valentina) when it comes to romantic relationships, it was refreshing to see her admit that she wants to give a chance at going steady with him. Might only be baby steps for now, but it is still a step further in progression. Besides, don’t we all need to progress ourselves?

As far as Drew and Sophie’s relationship goes, I love it. I love them, and so does Twitter.

Their chemistry definitely picks up from the previous episode. Their dynamic is genuinely pure. They really are reviving the classic romcom couple trope.

Peck’s delivery of Drew especially is so wholesome and sincere that he makes viewers believe his character truly is “the perfect guy.” However, what if that’s the problem?

What if deep down Drew has bad intentions? Or maybe he is really a good guy but they simply end up not working out? I’m just afraid that the series might be playing with our emotions given that this pairing is introduced so early on as well as that Sophie’s future husband could literally be anyone.

Is the mystery father Drew, someone from the friend group, Ian, or somebody we have not even encountered yet? Only time will tell!

How I Met Your Father episode 5 releases February 8 on Hulu.

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