Fleabag’s Andrew Scott, also known as “hot priest,” applauded Pope Francis‘s recent suggestion in regards to allowing priests to get married. 

“The pope has just come out this week talking about opening up the discussion about allowing priests to get married, which I really welcome,” Scott said on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Even though there’s no official doctrine forbidding Catholic priests from marrying, it’s been effectively banned for centuries. The late-night host, Scott, said allowing priests to get married would increase their numbers. To which, Colbert responded that he would have thought about joining the priesthood if he were allowed to get married.

While Pope Francis has not advocated for a ban on celibacy, he has suggested the traditional rule could change. Over the weekend, the pope opened a Vatican synod, or an assembly of priests, to “identify new paths for the evangelization of God’s people” in the Amazon. Among the topics listed to be discussed is whether to allow certain married men to be appointed as priests. The question itself has been a subject of profound controversy, with some conservative Catholics warning the topic could cause a division in the church.

The finale of Fleabag 2 could have been different if the romance between Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s protagonist and Scott’s priest wasn’t forbidden.

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