Homeland’s penultimate episode of its third season offered a tense hour, as Saul (Mandy Patinkin) moves the Brody op forward with Carrie (Claire Danes) now assisting from Tehran.

Homeland Recap

Now that Saul knows that his wife’s lover Alan Bernard (William Abadie) was involved in some shady hacking with Lockhart (Tracy Letts), he’s determined to use him to his own advantage. Approaching Bernard in his cell, Saul tells him that he’s going to encourage the Israeli Mossad to give aid to Brody (Damien Lewis) in Iran. Bernard, without any other options, seems poised to comply.

In Iran, Brody records himself outlining his faux-partnership with Javadi, which is to be sent to Akbari. If Akbari trusts that Brody is the one who bombed Langley, the idea is that he’ll be able to get close enough to him to take him out – leading to Javadi ascending to power. Once Akbari sees Brody’s tape, Javadi (Shaun Toub) meets with him, with the intention of convincing him that Brody’s only want is asylum.

Akbari presses Javadi on whether or not he believes the former Marine, and suggests that he’s been too easy on him. However, when Javadi, in a line written for him by the CIA, floats the idea of Brody being used as propaganda, Akbari becomes increasing curious. He just wants to make sure he can be trusted. Upon leaving the meeting, Javadi suggests that Akbari meet with Brody to determine his trustworthiness himself – something Akbari appears to take into consideration.

Brody's Op In Underway

Carrie is also in Tehran, donning a brown wig partially covered by a headscarf. After checking in at a hotel, she makes her way to the home of Fara’s uncle. He’s wary of her, wondering why his niece is involved in whatever plot the CIA is cooking up in Iran. After some prodding, he hands over the phone that had been mailed to him. When Carrie leaves, she gives a look that indicates this wasn’t the last favor that will be asked of him.

With the phone, Carrie dials up Saul, whom she tells that Fara’s uncle will be an asset for them. Saul then relays to her that Bernard cooperated, and has managed to get Mossad to help Brody out. While on the phone, Carrie distractedly looks at her growing baby bump in the mirror. She then tells Saul she’s got to go and heads to a meeting with two Iranian officials.

She tells the officials the plan for the operation in broad strokes, leaving a number of pivotal details out. The men look hesitant and unlikely to cooperate, but when Carrie informs them the end game is taking out Akbari, they change their tune. They hand over a cyanide injection and tell her they will create a diversion to eliminate some of the IRGC head’s guards. When she gets back to her hotel, she’s picked up by two men who bring her to Javadi. She hands over the cyanide to Javadi, and instructs him to get it to Brody.

Saul's Plan Gets Thwarted

Saul’s plan gets derailed when it’s realized that Akbari doesn’t plan on having Brody meet him at his compound, where an escape had been designed. Instead, the two are going to meet for the first time at a public intersection. As the two men get out of their respective transport vehicles, Carrie quickly rearranges the officials working for her. After Brody and Akbari’s eyes meet, the latter hurries back into his car and speeds off. Brody is then led into a nearby building, where he comes face-to-face with Abu Nazir’s widow Nassrin (Naz Deravian).

Nassrin is there to vet him for Akbari. When she asks him why he wants asylum in Iran, Brody earnestly explains the wreckage that is his life back in the states. His relationship with his family is in shambles; he just wants peace. Iran is the only place he feels like he can have it, where he feels like he can stop running. It’s convincing, and Nassrin is satisfied with what she hears. Upon leaving the building, Brody is greeted with a cheering crowd, lauding him as a hero. He gives a speech and is then ushered into his car – where he destroys the cyanide injection.

Brody Avoids A Hit, Kills Akbari

Learning about Brody’s very public and very convincing denouncement of the United States and praise for Iran, Lockhart tells Saul it’s likely time to take out their “asset.” Before taking any action, Saul calls Carrie. As he must have expected, Carrie pleads for Brody’s life to be spared. She believes he’s looking for another way to get to Akbari, claiming that she’s the only one who has consistently been right about Brody. Despite Carrie’s arguments, Saul gives the hit on Brody a go. Carrie senses it, and tries desperately to warn him by using Fara’s uncle to deliver him a phone.

Carrie successfully warns Brody, allowing him to disappear through a crowd of people and incensing Saul in the process. He believes that Brody is going to tell Akbari about Javadi, ruining the one part of the operation that did go as planned. Brody, as Saul anticipated, does go to Akbari, telling him everything about Javadi that Saul is using against him, information that will lead to Javadi’s death. And then, he knocks him on the head with a glass ashtray before suffocating him with a pillow. Using Akbari’s phone, he tells Carrie the target is out and he needs her to help him escape.

– Chelsea Regan

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