Homeland’s season 3 finale opened in the moments following Brody’s (Damien Lewis) murder-by-suffocation of Akbari. He’s already told Carrie (Claire Danes) he’s completed the op, and now needs to get out of the building alive.

Homeland Recap

Using the pillow with which he killed Akbari, Brody wipes up the blood from when he struck the IRGC leader with the glass ashtray. He then pulls the body behind the desk, snags the gun and looks determined to make a move. Miraculously, Akbari’s secretary has left her desk, so Brody manages to exit the office and get a guard escort to his getaway car. There, he threateningly raises his gun and tells the driver to get going.

Carrie has informed Saul (Mandy Patinkin) that Brody killed Akbari. He’s not entirely convinced that Brody truly killed him, and floats his theory that the former Marine is lying about the op at Akbari’s bidding. Frustrated, Carrie goes on to meet Brody at their rendezvous spot, as Saul goes through the “proper channels” to see how to get Brody extracted. After meeting Brody, who has ditched the driver, Carrie takes him to the safe house outside of Tehran.

Saul Plots Brody & Carrie's Extraction

Saul ultimately learns from Javadi (Shaun Toub) that Brody was telling the truth. It’s good news for the both of them, but Javadi warns Saul that it’s possible that both Brody and Carrie could be found and captured. He urges Saul to tell him where they might be so he could get Carrie out. Dar Adal (F. Murray Abraham) suggests that Saul just leave them both to their own defenses, but he refuses; he’ll try to get them both out safely.

The extraction plan will see a team travel through Afghanistan to get to Brody. Unrehearsed and spontaneous, the plan will be set in motion for the last 11 hours of Saul’s run at the head of the CIA. Meanwhile, Carrie and Brody arrive at the safe house. Once there, Carrie checks to make sure it’s truly safe while Brody settles down, washing his face and regrouping. As Carrie tries to gauge Brody’s mental state, the call from Saul comes in to let them know the CIA is going to get Brody out. He’s dubious about what his prospects will be back in the US.

Murdering Akbari isn’t something that Brody is proud of, and he tells Carrie that. He goes on to tell her about the doctor in Caracas calling him a cockroach that doesn’t die and causes havoc everywhere. Now that he’s completed the mission, he’s not sure he sees the point of it. Carrie, now, thinks it's time to let Brody in on her secret pregnancy with his child. As she knew it would, it gives him a new motivation and a renewed sense of hope. While they’re finally relaxing and vulnerable in each others’ arms, Javadi’s men arrive to take Brody away.

Brody Sentenced To Death

Saul never gave Javadi the order to capture Brody – it was Dar and Lockhart (Tracy Letts), who claim they did it for the sake of Saul’s “legacy” and that it was the only viable option to make everything fall into place. Back in Tehran, Javadi is explaining the revised plan to Carrie. He also informs her that Brody had been brought in front of a military tribunal and had been sentenced to death. His public hanging would take place that night.

Javadi is startlingly compassionate with Carrie, explaining to her that she can have peace in knowing that the mission – in addition to its benefits to the CIA – has allowed everyone involved to see Brody the way she has. He then gives her two minutes on the phone with him, in which Brody says he’s ready to die. Through her protestations, Carrie can’t hold back her tears. She shows up at his public hanging, getting his attention just before his body goes still. Crying, Carrie turns and walks away.

Four Months Later

Four months later, Saul and Mira (Sarita Choudhury) are on vacation, appearing to be enjoying some renewed marital bliss. While soaking in the sun reading a paper, Mira asks Saul if he’s seen the story about Iran opening access to their nuclear sites in return for the lifting of economic sanctions. It’s the result, according to the proud wife, of Saul’s mission with Javadi. Saul won’t accept the credit. When Mira asks if he’s gotten in touch with Carrie lately, he admits she’s been less than eager to talk to him.

At CIA headquarters, an eight-months pregnant Carrie enters Lockhart’s office. Lockhart admits Saul had the right idea about Javadi, and presses Carrie about his job offer to her – becoming the station chief in Istanbul, essentially keeping tabs on Javadi. She accepts, but has a question for the new CIA head. She wants to know if Brody can get a star at the CIA’s annual commemorative ceremony. The answer, of course, is no.

Carrie Regrets Baby, Saul Glad To Join Public Sector

After exiting Lockhart’s office, Carrie bumps into Quinn (Peter Friend). She opens up to Quinn about how she believes she made a mistake in not immediately considering getting rid of the baby. She admits she was driven to keep it by the idea of having both Brody’s kid and Brody. Now, all Carrie can think is that she has no business being a mother – due to both her career and mental health issues. Quinn, sharing that he’s a father who abandoned fatherhood, tries to get Carrie to believe her child is a good thing.

Back at her place, Carrie sits on a couch, melancholy and indecision spread across her features. When the baby kicks and she sees the outline of its leg, she looks nothing short of horrified. Later, she gets a visit from her dad and sister, bearing baby supplies. She informs them that she’s going to Istanbul and won’t be keeping the child. Carrie’s sister shares that she thinks the baby will be good for her, something to care for and to love. Carrie disagrees. "Scared is how I feel," she cries. "And sad…I'm so f–king sad.”

Saul’s now also in Washington, sitting down opposite Dar Adal at a local diner. While Saul’s standing in the nation’s capitol has perhaps never been better, he’s more than happy to be getting into the private sector. He tells Carrie as much when they bump into each other at the commemorative ceremony. Carrie’s irritated that he’s wearing a visitor’s pass in the halls of a place he once run, and arguably well. She tells him he won. He doesn’t disagree, but says goodbye all the same and exits the building. After watching Saul leave, Carrie goes to the wall of stars and draws the shape with a marker for Brody’s memory.

– Chelsea Regan

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