Popular YouTube channel CinemaSins released a new video which tackles all the sins we can’t see in the erotic blockbuster Fifty Shades of Grey.

CinemaSins ‘Everything Wrong With Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Video

Fifty Shades of Grey hit theaters in early February and quickly became the fourth-highest grossing film of 2015 worldwide with earning of over $500 million. While the film was a huge success, critics found every opportunity to trash the adaptation of E.L. James‘ book.

With so many people already agreeing that so much is wrong with Fifty Shades of Grey, why not capture its failings on video? Everything Wrong With Fifty Shades Of Grey In 18 Minutes Or Less begins with the scene of Anastasia (Dakota Johnson) parking in front of Grey’s offices and looking up at the building. The narrator in the video says sarcastically, “I realize you want to visually emphasize her awe and how out of her element she is, but she literally just walked away from a car without feeding the meter… So that s–t is towed!”

The next sin cited is the scene in which Anastasia hears the elevator ring while waiting in the office. The video hilariously points out Johnson’s dramatic pause, “Woah, what’s that? I’ve never heard an elevator make noise before!”

The laughs continue as the video refers to the scene in which Anastasia is researching images of Christian (Jamie Dornan) on the web. “Apple wanted their Macbook Air product placement to feel perfectly natural except for the obvious generic search engine being used, which almost acts as a product placement for Google… so in your face Apple,” the narrator quips.

The video manages to count up to 145 movie sins, but is the movie really that terrible? Check out the hilarious video spoof for yourself and be the judge:


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