Guillermo del Toro, the filmmaker of Pan’s Labyrinth, Pacific Rim and Crimson Peak, and Hideo Kojima, the video game creator of Metal Gear Solid, publicly reunited for the first time at the Academy of Interactive Arts and Science’s 15th annual D.I.C.E. Summit since the plans of their ambitious video game collaboration, “Silent Hills,” fell through.

“We had great ideas that I think would have done fantastic,” said del Toro.

The game was meant to add on to the long-running “Silent Hill” horror franchise. It even included plans to include The Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus. The dynamic duo had teased it last year with the release of a PlayStation 4 demo called “P.T.”

“P.T. itself was meant to be a sort of decoy,” said del Toro. “We were thinking it would take 10 days, two weeks to solve it. They solved it in three days.”

But tension between Kojima and Konami Productions got out of control and the video game was canceled. Following this Kojima began work to remove Konami Productions from “Metal Gear SOlid V: The Phantom Pain” branding. There is actually a segment in one of the side missions of the video game where players erase Kojima Production titles from the environment by flashing light onto it. Kojima has now started his own production company and is much more content.

“I feel extremely free right now,” Kojima said.

The two met when del Toro was in Japan promoting Hellboy II: The Golden Army. Both being fans of each other’s work, they quickly befriended each other. Del Toro invited Kojima over where they played with the filmmakers geeky games and toys. They shared many interests.

“We are the same generation,” explained del Toro. Del Toro was born in 1963 and Kojima in 1964. They watched the same shows growing up.

The two also shared stories of singing karaoke together in Tokyo. Both of them are currently working on other projects, but support each other’s work greatly.

“Hideo has chosen a medium where he works as a director and game maker, but also works as a film maker and writer,” said Del Toro. “It’s a world that is so complete and a world where you can recognize his voice when you play the game.”

Kojima said of Del Toro’s work, “Having these kinds of characters and moments, I don’t think that was possible. He throws in violent moments but he also has something beautiful. That makes his movies unique and beautiful.”

Kojima also talked about how del Toro supported him while he started his new startup. Ted Price, the head of Insomniac Games, said in an interview that the talk was particularly heart-warming because it was so rare to see two creators so authentically interested in each other.

Lastly, the due hinted that a future collaboration is not out of the question:

“I’ll do whatever the f-ck” he wants,” said del Toro. “Whatever he says, I’ll do.”

“Of course, I’d love to,” Kojima added.


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