The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has released its list of nominations for the 2022 Golden Globe Awards, along with a statement addressing this year’s controversy that has left some in Hollywood wondering if anyone will be showing up to the ceremony at all this time around.

In the statement provided to uInterview, the HFPA has claimed to be making heavy systemic changes this year by “implementing sweeping changes from top to bottom that address ethics and [the] code of conduct, diversity, equity and inclusion, governance membership and more. Recently the HFPA admitted their largest and most diverse class to date of 21 new members.”

They also included a four-page document with a more exhaustive list of sweeping reforms that have occurred, including the hiring of an Interim CEO and installation of a more diverse Board of Directors. The document even included survey data of the new HFPA members, which stated that 48% identify as women; 29% as black;  24% as Asian; 29% as Latinx; 19% as Middle Eastern/North African.

Discussion of the lack of diversity in Hollywood awards shows has come up frequently in the past years, but it was especially stark in the case of the Golden Globes. In February, an expose of the HFPA was published by the Los Angeles Times, highlighting a lack of black voting members and alleging financial corruption in the form of paying members despite being run as a tax-exempt nonprofit organization.

The HFPA was even lambasted by hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler at their own show’s opening monologue this year, with three HFPA members later taking the stage to make a commitment to address their organization’s lack of diversity.

The 79th Annual Golden Globe Awards will be held on January 9, 2022.

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