Superman actor Henry Cavill grew a mustache for the part of August Walker in Mission: Impossible – Fallout, which is slated to be released on July 27. Today, however, Cavill shaved off his mustache, revealing his bare face to the world.


Cavill uploaded a short video to his Instagram account, reintroducing himself to the world without his dearly departed “KingStache.”


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The British actor, clad in a white bathrobe, introduces himself as Henry Cavill, “sometimes superhero and former secret agent,” before acknowledging it is hard to recognize him without his facial hair. He even admits he has struggled to recognize himself as he gazes upon his reflection in the mirror. Upon discussing his partner’s whereabouts, Cavill says, “It’s hard for me to admit, this is not CGI. He’s really gone.”


“I can tell you this, though. I will remember him… always,” Cavill concludes, leading into a heart-wrenching video montage of photos showing Cavill and KingStache together. Sarah McLachlan’s “I Will Remember You” accentuates the somber mood of the video, portraying Cavill’s deep sense of loss and regret. However, among the pictures in the montage, one blink-and-you-miss-it post-production slide of Cavill as Superman in Justice League can be seen.

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Cavill was previously contractually obligated to retain his mustache while filming Fallout, even during reshoots of Warner Bros.’s Justice League. CGI effects were used to try and hide Cavill’s mustache in the superhero crossover, though fans deemed such efforts unsuccessful, with Cavill’s mustache becoming something of a running joke.

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