After Chad and Dannie swapped teams, both red and blue team must get used to their new addition.

“Every day here in Hell’s Kitchen is a surprise,” Dannie said.

When they come into the kitchen, they’re not only greeted by chef Gordon Ramsay but a huge bison.

‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Season 15 Episode 9 Recap

Ramsay informs the teams that they will cook a cut of bison in this challenge. The chefs run outside in pairs and stand behind the specific cut of bison they would like to cook against their opponent. As an additional challenge, they can only use ingredients from certain countries. They duel in a bow and arrow match and the team member that gets closest to the target gets to pick the country for the two of them.

The chefs have 40 minutes where they can only use their cut of bison and the ingredients from the country they selected.

Ramsay tastes each dish and gives points to each chef that has the best dish. With the points tied in the end, Ramsay gives it to the team that had the best dish over all. Chad’s Fiorentina-style flank steak brought in a win for the Red team.

The Red team’s reward is to meet Hollywood celebrity… animals. But Ramsay also gives each chef on the team their own Vitamix blender, retailing at over $300. The Blue team’s punishment is to hand churn butter and hand make bread for tonight’s service: cowboy steak night.

At the service, Blue team is handing out appetizers while the Red team is already getting theirs back. Red team serves Stacey Dash’s table salty and undercooked scallops.

Blue team continues to satisfy their diners. On the Red team, Ariel just can’t get the scallops right. Jackie assists her on the fish station to try and help re-fire the scallops.

Ramsay sees Joe from the Blue team tossing his mashed potatoes as if they were a pancake and loses his mind. Joe couldn’t cook French fries and tries to serve them dripping with grease.

When the Red team eventually gets to cook their entrees, they fail and have to refire them both. They keep missing the mark on the entrees and Chef Ramsay kicks them out of the kitchen.

The chefs from Red team discuss nominations where they find out Jackie has only been cooking for 3 months. They nominate Ariel and Jackie for elimination.

Ramsay surprised everyone when saying Joe would be the one leaving Hell’s Kitchen.

Hell’s Kitchen airs on Wednesdays 9/8c on FOX.

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