As her annual Halloween extravaganzas have proven, Heidi Klum, 38, is no stranger to costumes or makeup, and the beauty brand Astor is capitalizing on Klum's love of an unconventional look. Project Runway's Klum appears nude in the new ad that celebrates Astor's 60th anniversary, wearing nothing but colorful, striped body paint designed and applied by makeup artist Joanne Gair.

"It took 12 hours for Joanne to complete my look," Klum, who is in the process of divorcing ex Seal, wrote on her blog, according to the Huffington Post, "but this actually wasn't the first time she has painted me from head to toe. This was probably close to the 13th time I've been body painted by her, so I'm used to getting it done — the process takes awhile, so you have to be good at being patient," Klum wrote.

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