The HBO hit, Girls, starring Lena Dunham, is set to end after its sixth season which will be premiering next year. HBO has yet to confirm the series’ end date, but will reportedly make an official announcement at the network’s Television Critics Association press event later this week.

The show’s co-showrunner, Jenni Konner said that season 5 will help answer any questions that viewers might have and where it’ll end. “Once we figure out what season five is, we’ll know whether it’s another year,” she said in March. “Maybe it’s just one more year, maybe we wrap it up in six.”

“We would like to end in a graceful place,” Konner added. “And we’d like to tell a complete story. What that means is that we really have to start building towards an end soon, creatively.”

The next season will kick off with the girls drifting apart as they grow older. Hanna is venturing into a new romance, Shoshanna moving to Japan and Marnie planning her wedding.

Season 5 is set to premiere Feb. 21 at 10 p.m. on HBO.