We are finally going to be able to dive back into the world of Westeros very, very soon. HBO has finally debuted a lengthy trailer for the GOT prequel series: House Of The Dragon that will be following the ambitious Targaryen family which was crippled in the timeline of the first show.

The trailer boasted some exciting action, teased great performances, and showed off some amazing dragons in this first look. The series shows the Targaryens entrenched as the Royal Family of Westeros, and King Viserys Targaryen (Paddy Considine) must choose an heir between his son Daemon (Matt Smith) and daughter Rhaenyra (Emma D’Arcy).

The original Game of Thrones was at its best when brutal fantasy violence stood toe-to-toe with moments of shrewd political maneuvering by its characters. It seems like House Of The Dragon will be delivering plenty of both in spades, with several exciting battle scenes already seen in the trailer, and the seeds of succession plots and inter-family drama being sown as well.

While the platinum-haired Targaryens make up the majority of the characters, in this series, there are other ranking non-Targaryens in the main cast as well. Olivia Cooke plays Millicent Hightower, daughter of the hand of the king who has her own ambitions and opinions on who should sit atop the Iron Throne. Steve Toussaint will be playing Lord Corlys Velaryon, one of the family’s powerful advisors who is also known as the “Sea Snake” for his nautical acumen and expansive navy.

According to the show’s character list, there will also be ancestors of the Lannister family present in the show in the form of identical twin brothers Tyland and Jason Lannister, both played by Jefferson Hall. The Lannisters were the conniving family of GOT that viewers were delighted to hate, and it’s great to know there will be some hopefully-despicable Lannisters here too.

House Of The Dragon will be premiering on HBO on August 21 and will be available to stream on HBO Max as well.

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