Hayat Boumediene, the 26-year-old common-law wife of Amedy Coulibaly, the gunman who held up the Kosher market in Paris last week, has been tracked to Syria.

Hayat Boumediene Wanted

During the chaos following the Charlie Hebdo attack and the ensuing pair of hostage situations, Boumediene was listed as one of the four suspects. At the time, it was also believed that she had been at Coulibaly’s side when he shot an unarmed police officer. Authorities, who still want to apprehend Boumediene, now believe it’s possible that she made her way to Syria, leaving France prior to the terror attacks.

“There is footage (of her) at the airport. Later on, she stayed at a hotel with another person and crossed into Syria on Jan. 8,” Turkey’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mevlut Cavusoglu, said. “We can tell that based on telephone records.”

Boumediene’s trip apparently began on Jan. 2 when she crossed the border into Spain, flew from Madrid to Turkey and then carried on into Syria on foot, reported the Wall Street Journal. Though this timeline rules out the possibility of Boumediene being present during the shooting of the female police officer and the hostage situation, French authorities still want her in connection to the terrorist attacks, as reports are conflicting.

There are still some reports that state that Boumediene was indeed spotted in Paris last Wednesday at Coulibaly’s side. Others even suggest that she could have been an active accomplice at the market.

Who Is Hayat Boumediene?

Boumediene, now the most wanted woman in France, was put into foster care as a child after her mother’s death and her father’s struggle to raise her and her six siblings became too much, according to Slate. It’s unknown when Boumediene became radicalized. Early reports suggested that Coulibaly had led her to extremism, but Boumediene herself stated in the past that she was the more devout of the two, calling Coulibaly “not really very religious.”

Part of the reason why authorities are interested in Boumediene is her connection to Said and Cherif Kouachi, who gunned down the Charlie Hebdo employees. Paris’ chief prosecutor revealed that last year Boumediene and Cherif Kouachi’s wife spoke on the phone “more that 500 times.”

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