While his happily married older brother is busy doing his princely duties the calm and collected way — going to charitable events, appearing in photo ops — Prince Harry is taking a more medieval approach. Captain Harry Wales, as he is called by his mates, has been known to get a little silly in public (who can forget that embarrassing Nazi-inspired costume?), but lately he has taken charge in ways that would make any damsel willingly submit to distress on the offchance that the noble redhead would show up to intervene.

With his Top Gun helicopter training complete, Harry, 27, has freed up some time to help out his pals with princely swag. One such lucky mate was Thomas van Straubenzee, who was talking to Harry on his Blackberry on the night of November 30 when all of a sudden — bam! — he got mugged. Unable to reach his buddy, Harry sprung into action, hopping in his Gingermobile and racing from Clarence House across the city to south London.

"Prince Harry was aware of what had happened to his friend and drove to the area immediately to try to find him," a Royal aide told the Daily Mail. "He circled the streets for a while in his car before following intuition and finding his friend at a local police station in Battersea Bridge Road. The Prince wanted to be there to offer some comfort and friendly support."

You heard it: "comfort and friendly support." Harry's got Batman reflexes but he's also not afraid to show his bros some love in a time of stress. Also, according to the Daily Mail, it was the first time a high-ranking royal has walked into a police station to report a crime. Can you say baller?


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As it turns out, van Straubenzee — a former schoolmate of Harry's — was fine, and simply went to the police to file the report after the mugger got away with his smart phone. The man in connection to the crime was, according to police, arrested on Dec. 1, and the stolen device was recovered. Phew!

Luckily for that perp, he got away that night before Harry could lay a royal smackdown on him, but crime still doesn't pay.


  • Matthew Zingg
    Matthew Zingg on

    This guy makes royalty look cool.

  • antonioberryman
    antonioberryman on

    That's a good friend right there.

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