Harry Styles used his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift’s song lyrics to celebrate his birthday on Twitter Monday.

Harry Styles’ Taylor Swift Tweet

“I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22,” Styles tweeted on his birthday, Feb. 1.

The rest of the “22” chorus goes: “Everything will be alright/If you keep me next to you/You don’t know about me/But I’ll bet you want to/Everything will be alright/If we just keep dancing like we’re/22, ooh-ooh/22, ooh-ooh.” Predictably, Styles’ tweet quickly went viral, amassing more that 600,000 retweets and 800,000 likes. It also spawned a number of creative memes. Some of the Internet art even featured shocked reactions from Styles’ One Direction bandmates. 

The song “22” is on Swift’s Red album, which came out in late 2012. Swift and Styles had dated briefly at the end of that year, breaking up in early 2013. Since the split, both artists are said to have written songs about the relationship.

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