Last weekend’s Saturday Night Live, host Harry Styles made the innocent baked goods brand Sara Lee hilarious. He played the part of a gay employee who managed the Sara Lee instagram page. The employee in the skit was called into his boss’s office for mistakenly posting personal comments to the company’s Instagram. Cecily Strong and Bowen Yang played his bosses, who demanded explanations for captions and comments. 


The first problem that came up was the Sara Lee comments left on Nick Jonas’ instagram. Such hilarious comments included sexual jests “Destroy me king” and “Wreck me daddy.” 

The posts became even more explicit as photos were posted with captions such as “Feeling really depressed after threesome. What was supposed to be a fantasy ended up more rejection. Must get rid of toxic in community.” 

The juxtaposition of a wholesome bread company posting naughty captions and comments really makes this skit hit home with humor. The skit’s impact was unexpected. After the skit aired, #SaraLee was trending on Twitter and Styles fans stormed to the Sarah Lee Instagram posting quotes from the skit. 

Sara Lee’s parent company, Bimbo Bakeries, released a statement responding to the skit and the attention it received. “We didn’t participate in creating the skit and its content doesn’t align with Sara Lee Bread’s brand. But, we all know SNL pushes the envelope for laughs and we are taking it in stride,” he statement read.

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