With the Guns N’ Roses reunion in the making, everyone is wondering why founding guitarist Izzy Stradlin hasn’t been officially confirmed.

Alice Cooper told Rolling Stone, echoing the thoughts of fans everywhere, “I’m just wondering why isn’t Izzy in there? I don’t know about drums, but certainly Izzy is viable. You’d think if Slash and Axl are working together, and Duff is one of those guys that gets along with everybody, then at least Izzy would be one of the guys who would be a shoo-in.”


Though Cooper does admit, “Maybe he is, I don’t know.” And he continued, “I don’t know what their setup is with him. but it’s like not having Brian Jones with the Rolling STones, if he were available.”

The latest rumors, stemming from MyGNRForum.com, say that Stradlin confirmed that he would participate “for sure” but only in a “limited” capacity since Stradlin reportedly is not interested in extensive touring. The only shows that Stradlin is definitely playing are the two early April shows. The same source said that there is “still discussion” about original drummer Steven Adler returning as there are worries about his long history of alleged drug problems, and Matt Sorum, his replacement, was left unmentioned.

The original members that have confirmed to be apart of this reunion are Slash, Axl Rose, and Duff McKagan, performing together for the first time in 22 years. Other members who seem to be involved are keyboardist Dizzy Reed, guitarist Richard Fortus, keyboard player Chris Pitman, and drummer Frank Ferrer.

Cooper also said, “I had a feeling it was going to happen,” speaking of the classic rock band reuniting to headline for Coachella and go on to play a handful of North American shows. “Guns N’ Roses is always unpredictable, which makes them exciting.”

Currently, Cooper is in a band called The Hollywood Vampires which includes Guns N’ Roses members McKagan and Sorum. Johnny Depp and Joe Perry make up the rest of the band that will be playing at this year’s Grammys.

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