Grey’s Anatomy’s 200th episode was centered on a glam fundraiser organized by Jackson (Jesse Williams) to raise money to remodel Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital in the wake of the devastating storm.

Although Jackson had touted the event as a conservative affair, it winds up being anything but. Instead of a string quartet for entertainment, the fundraiser had magicians, acrobats, face paint, a tightrope walker and waitresses dressed in costumes. Derek (Patrick Dempsey) gets into the theatrics of it all and pulls out his juggling talent. After learning that the one to raise the most money gets 10% of the proceeds for their department, the rest of the doctors also become enthused.

Callie (Sara Ramirez) decides to pretend as though her wife is dead to get some sympathy money. When Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) arrives, she makes a b-line to a closet and becomes a tearful mess. She’s eventually joined by April (Sarah Drew) and a bottle of liquor and the two have an amusing drunken conversation. Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek flirt with the wealthy attendees, with Derek unsurprisingly proving to be the more successful. Cristina (Sandra Oh) also turns on the charm, earning herself a handsome reward from an attractive millionaire who she later turns down for a date. If she was hoping to go home with Owen (Kevin McKidd), she’s out of luck, as her pushing for him to move on has finally worked. He ends up leaving with a doctor from a nearby hospital.

At the hospital, the interns have taken over the ER. As could be expected, it’s Shane (Gaius Charles) and Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton) who prove themselves to be most up for the task. After a successful turn in the operating room, Shane passionately lays a kiss on Stephanie, who doesn’t back away. Jackson walks in mid-embrace, and instead of losing it on his intern girlfriend, decides they need to figure out exactly what they are. The two seem destined to make a legitimate go of it.


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Also at the hospital is a John Doe that was brought in after an accident. Alex (Justin Chambers) wheeled him in, and upon hearing his voice, began to fear that he’d just reunited with his father after 20 years. Jo (Camila Luddington) runs a blood test and discovers that the man is indeed his father. Despite the fact that Alex didn’t want to know the truth of it, she tells him the man is who he thought he was. Meanwhile, Bailey (Chandra Wilson) is still working round-the-clock trying to get Webber (James Pickens Jr.) to want to live. After placing a cancer-ridden racist in the bed next to him, Webber realizes that the hospital isn’t where he wants to die. Derek and Meredith eventually leave the party and head to Grey Sloan Memorial, hungry for some surgery. After some cutting, they make their way to the supply room to get it on like they used to back in Season 2.

After an acrobat plummeted to the ground at the fundraising party, Jackson decides to turn it into a win for the hospital by transporting the wealthy guests to the operating gallery while the dancer gets worked on by Callie. The stunt works, and the donations flood in.

– Chelsea Regan

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