Grey’s Anatomy “You've Got To Hide Your Love Away “ began with a montage of the couples having sex, withholding sex, and vowing for a new start.

Grey's Anatomy Recap

As Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) talks about the pervasiveness of cancer in a voiceover, Jo (Camilla Luddington) and Alex (Justin Chambers) are rolling around in his bed – the awkwardness of the forgotten proposal clearly behind them. Meanwhile, unmemorable couple Owen (Kevin McKidd) and Emma (Marguerite Moreau) are going at it in the trailer bed. Lying in each other’s arms, they discuss moving to a bigger place, because Emma just really isn’t a fan of living in a “tin can.”

Meanwhile, Meredith and Derek (Patrick Dempsey) are at home getting ready for the day. When Derek asks Meredith what tie he should wear to meet the president, she admits she’s happy for him as a doctor, but not as her husband – so she doesn’t care what tie he wears. Also, it’s revealed she’s been refusing to have sex with him for the last three weeks. Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw), who’ve been unpacking for the last few weeks, are intent on moving forward. Callie gives her wife a ring with their move-in date inscribed inside.

The Panty Police

As Arizona’s slipping a ring on her finger, Jackson (Jesse Williams) is told to take his off by April (Sarah Drew) as they head to a hospital meeting. There, Owen tells the doctors that a new non-fraternization policy has been approved by the board. All relationships between coworkers are now discouraged, and those between doctors of different ranks are forbidden. "You're the panty police, now?" Richard (James Pickens Jr.) asks Owen.


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After hearing about the new policy, Jo picks a fight with Richard and blames Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton). Later on, Jo confronts Alex about how they’re going to make it with the new rules in front of the entire hospital. They scream at each other, and Alex then breaks up with Jo, causing her to cry. Not a moment later, the two call each other from different parts of the hospital. It was all a scam.

The first case introduced is that of a teenager named Rory, who previously fought off brain cancer and currently has bone cancer. The cancer is also in her chest now, which they think means that she has a gene defect. Another patient, a college professor in an affair with married man at her college, was stuck in a trash chute for days. She’d been at a university party hosted by the guy, Ted, and his wife. The first time he talked to her all night was to ask her to throw out the trash. When she threw out the trash, she threw her purse into the chute with it, so decided to follow it down the chute.

Cristina & Owen Reunite

Meredith, frustrated that Derek is leaving her again for his third meeting for the White House appointment, invites Cristina (Sandra Oh) over. Cristina’s enthusiasm increases when Meredith mentions wine. That night, Meredith talks about not having sex with Derek, while Cristina observes that once Owen and Emma move in and start having kids, the window for her getting back in his life will close.

Derek shows up unexpectedly, revealing that his meeting at the White House had been canceled. Thinking they no longer want him for the job, he sulks off to bed. Cristina decides it’s time for her to go, and drunkenly calls a cab – that brings her to Owen’s trailer in the woods. After a lot of talk about curtains, the chemistry between them rears it’s head. Holding hands turns to making out, which turns to sex.

Also having sex are Alex and Jo, who aren’t sure how they’re supposed to act towards each other in the hospital, or around their friends/ board members. Callie and Arizona hop into bed as well, enjoying a second chance in their marriage.

At the hospital the next day, Owen gets a surprising visit from Emma. She wants to get something off of her chest – she wants two or three kids and once they start having kids she’s going to stop working. Owen looks like a deer in headlights. When he runs into Derek in the hallway, he learns that the neuro God may not be working with the president after all. Derek tells him that once he’s tasted what it could be like to be working for the president, regular neurosurgery seems boring. The chat resonates with Hunt.

Bailey (Chandra Wilson) has a diagnosis for the girl with cancer – Li-Fraumeni syndrome. The disorder makes it nearly impossible for her to fight off the cancer. The woman with the grisly leg injury is still hung up her married boyfriend, and is more concerned about whether or not he sent her flowers than if her infected leg will heal.

Fraternization Policy Tension

Jackson is getting frustrated that he can’t be affectionate with April, his wife. April tells him that the sneaking around is kind of sexy, but when he argues that he’s proud to have her as his wife, she admits that’s sexier. They end up in a storage room with their shirts off, but get interrupted by Alex and Jo. Interrupting all four of them is Richard, who feels he has no choice but to report it to the board.

Jo is livid at Steph for having put her relationship in jeopardy and calls her out in front of the other residents, who’ve all congregated to come up with a solution for the girl who’s constantly battling cancer. As it turns out, it wasn’t Steph, but Leah (Tessa Ferrer), who’d filed the anonymous report. Shane (Gaius Charles) speaks up and tells them it’s time to stop being distracted by their dramas and help this girl. Inspired, the residents rally and come up with a workable plan of attack. It’s too late, however, as the girl dies as a result of a ruptured tumor on the operating table.

Jackson & April Reveal Their Marriage

At the board meeting, Alex rips into the board, calling them all a bunch of hypocrites. He doesn’t understand why marriage is the standard for allowing couples to remain together under the new rules. As Jo keeps relatively quiet, April and Jackson reveal that they’re married. There’s no apparent judgment from the board, who smile and congratulate the newlyweds.

In the episode’s closing montage, Bailey encourages Ben (Jason George) to head to the bar with his resident friends, Derek tells Meredith he just found out he’s been tapped to run the advisory board for the White House, and Owen makes a life-changing decision. At Joe’s, he tells Emma it’s over. He’s realized he wants to come home to a wife that wants to swap OR stories, not one that would give up her career for kids.

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays on ABC at 9/8c.

– Chelsea Regan

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