Grey’s Anatomy episode “Don’t Dream It’s Over” began where it left off last week – with Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) calling Derek’s (Patrick Dempsey) cell phone only to hear the voice of a woman who won’t identify herself on the other end.

Grey’s Anatomy Recap

As Meredith passes the halls, calling Derek over and over without having him pick up, April (Sarah Drew), her first day back at work, is on a high after helping Owen (Kevin McKidd) and Amelia (Catarina Scorsone) save the girl’s mother over the phone and pulls Jackson (Jesse Williams) into the supply room. Jackson pumps the breaks, worried about her emotional state. In the on-call room, Owen and Amelia’s tryst is interrupted by his pager. Callie (Sara Ramirez) arrives at the hospital with a new date and makes out with her in the hallway, where Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) watches the whole thing through a window.

Later on, Meredith crashes the on-call room, where Alex (Justin Chambers) and Maggie (Kelly McCreary) were sleeping. She wakes them up to tell them about hearing a perky woman’s voice on the phone. She asks them if he’s cheating, which they both deny. When a pair of patients come in, a married couple who’ve suffered injuries after a man crashed his car through their home, Meredith is teamed up with Callie to work on the husband. He codes, but they manage to get him to the OR, where Callie talks to the group about her awkward run-in with Arizona. Meredith, projecting, says that it doesn’t matter what Callie does now that she’s split from Arizona, as Arizona was seeing other people during their marriage.

When the driver of the car that crashed into the home is wheeled in the police say they want to question him and get tox screen results. As Maggie tries to listen to his heart, the patient takes a right hook at her, causing her to end up unconscious on the ground. Maggie quickly regains consciousness and Richard insists she get a CT.  When the man’s wife shows up, she tells them that he has Alzheimer’s. In the OR, Maggie blames the wife for being an irresponsible caregiver. Ben keeps trying to cut her off since she doesn’t realize that Richard’s wife had Alzheimer’s – or her own mother, Ellis Grey. As it turns out, the driver didn’t actually have Alzheimer’s but a build up of fluid in his brain that made him lose his memory for the last five years. After the surgery he’s more lucid. If Amelia puts in a shunt, he could stay that way.

Arizona and Bailey, working on the wife injured in the crash with Jo,  find themselves at a loss after she has an unexpected seizure and then codes as the result of a massive brain bleed. Arizona, after taking a moment, realizes that they have to deliver the woman’s baby, so Jo and Amelia need to keep doing CPR. The baby lives, Jo (Camilla Luddington) breaks down after giving CPR to the dead woman. When the driver finds out that the woman died, he doesn’t want to get the surgery anymore and would rather just forget.

Throughout the dramatic surgeries, Kepner is in the ER  dealing with a patient whose tongue is stuck in a water bottle. When Jackson catches her scolding the patient, he her away. She thinks he wants to have sex, but he just wants to talk. When Kepner walks out of the hospital later, Jackson is outside waiting for her. Jackson explains that it takes every effort for him to get up and get out the door in the morning, and he has to imagine that it’s worse for her, and it doesn’t seem like she’s dealing with it. She explains that she is dealing with it, that she’s his wife, and two months after losing the baby, she’s ready to start living again – so they have sex in the car.

In the closing montage: Waiting for the elevator, Arizona finally gets Callie’s ear, and explains that she was awkward because she used to see the woman Callie was kissing. Apparently she tried to get matching tattoos after a few weeks and then wielded steak knives. As for Owen and Amelia, they try to pick up where they left off, but another page interrupts. Richard tells Maggie that Ellis had early-onset Alzheimer’s and that it ended her career. Maggie, who knew she had the gene, is relieved to find out she didn’t get the predisposition from Richard. Meredith is making a list at home after telling Callie and Maggie she’s worried Derek found a new girl in the new city like he did when he moved to Seattle and found her. There’s a knock at the door and it’s Derek. “You called me and a woman answered my phone,” he says.


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