Famed composer Beethoven is honored in today’s Google Doodle, marking the 245th anniversary of his baptism.

Beethoven Google Doodle

Google went all out in its commemoration of Beethoven. The interactive Doodle on the search engine’s homepage is an animated musical puzzle of sorts. On his way to the symphony hall, Beethoven’s “Fifth Symphony” is eaten by a horse, the pages for “Fur Elise” are scattered across the street after a spill, a bird knocks “Moonlight Sonata” from his grasp and the pages of the “Ninth Symphony (Ode to Joy)” fall into the water.

After each accident, players are asked to arrange the sheets of Beethoven’s music into their proper order.



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“Even when you’re the preeminent musical genius of your generation, sometimes you just step in it. So begins Beethoven’s trip to the symphony hall in today’s musical puzzle, which Leon Hong created in collaboration with artist Nate Swinehart and engineers Jonathan Shneier and Jordan Thompson,” reads Google’s statement about the Doodle. “It happens that our story isn’t much of a stretch in the broader context of Ludwig van Beethoven’s life, which saw more than its share of rotten luck.”

“It’s unclear when Beethoven was actually born, but December 17th marks the 245th anniversary of his baptism,” Google added. “Today provided us a rare opportunity to construct a game in step with beautiful music, whose evocative moods, drama, lightness, and depth made conjuring visuals to match it rollickingly fun. Here’s to one of history’s greatest artists, and to hoping that, wherever you happen to be traveling this holiday, your life’s work isn’t eaten by a horse.”

Play the Beethoven Google Doodle game here!

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