The newest trailer for the Godzilla reboot due out later this year was released on Tuesday, prominently featuring Bryan Cranston, a scientist determined to learn the true cause of the imminent destruction of the planet.

New Godzilla Trailer Released

Cranston, sounding like Walter White in the peak of his distress, narrates the opening scenes of the trailer as protagonist Joe Brody. “You’re not fooling anybody when you say that what happened was a natural disaster,” he says to an unidentified party. “You’re lying! It was not an earthquake, it wasn’t a typhoon, because what’s really happening is that you’re hiding something out there. And it is going to send us back to the Stone Age!”

While Brody speaks, the trailer shows mass gridlock in the streets, cities decimated – including New York and the Statue of Liberty, who looses her torch-bearing arm. Children and teachers run out of schools and armored vehicles with helicopter escorts move hurriedly along rural back roads.

As the kaiju thrashes wildly in the water, Ken Watanabe’s character provides its history. It was in 1957 that people first attempted an organized extermination of the monster, which proved futile. “The arrogance of man is thinking nature is in our control,” he says. “And not the other way round.” Ford (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), who suits up alongside Joe, seems optimistic that they might be able to kill it.

Following a clip of impotent missiles hitting the impervious monster, is the closing shot of the open-mouthed kaiju wailing as double doors shut, blocking it from view.

Godzilla is slated to hit theaters May 16. In addition to Cranston, Wattanabe and Taylor-Johnson, the remake stars Elizabeth Olsen, Sally Hawkins, Juliette Binoche and David Strathairn.

– Chelsea Regan

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