General Motors (GM) has announced the release of its most technologically advanced truck yet, the 2022 GMC Hummer EV. The military-inspired vehicle will be the first electrically powered truck produced by the acclaimed car manufacturer, with added features that have many calling it the “World’s First Super Truck.”

The new truck has been awaited with much anticipation since GM announced the revival of the Hummer in a Super Bowl advertisement in February. As part of its $20 billion investment to switch to electric, autonomous vehicles by 2025, General Motors has released news of the 2022 GMC Hummer EV, the first in an expected long line of electric vehicles. The company is pouring $2.2 billion into a facility in Detroit dubbed “Factory Zero” where zero-emission vehicles will be exclusively manufactured. In an interview with CNBC, GMC Vice President Duncan Aldred said, “Hummer EV represents the best in what General Motors is capable of in its entirety. I really do think it is a beacon of what GM can do and where it’s going to go and the zero-zero-zero future it’s creating.”

The GMC website boasts the new Hummer model as “the world’s first zero emissions, zero limits all-electric supertruck, Hummer EV generates the power and technology to conquer the off-road with extraordinary confidence,” distancing itself from its gas-guzzling  predecessors. The website also mentions new features such as “crab walk” that allow it to shift each wheel about 10 degrees, navigating winding pathways, while “extract mode raises the vehicle higher, so as to avoid scratches from rough terrain.

The truck will have different versions with features depending on price. The Edition 1 will start at $112,595, with 350 miles of electric range and 1,000 horsepower thanks to three separate preinstalled motors. Several less costing versions will be released in proceeding years with reductions in electric range.

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