Glee returned on Tuesday with the apparent intention of flipping everything from last week – or the last several few seasons of Glee – of its head. For one thing, Rachel no longer thinks that being a Broadway star is all its cracked up to be.

Glee Recap

Signing autographs following a performance, Rachel (Lea Michele) glides down the streets of New York City. Her starring performance as Fanny Brice in Funny Girl has earned her rave reviews and chatter that the starlet could be on her way to her first Tony nomination. However, her joy is cut short during a meeting with her agent. Rachel thinks that she could parlay her Broadway career into one on the big or small screen. The agent doesn’t believe she has the look to be in front of the cameras, but assures her she can have a lengthy tenure as Fanny Brice.

Suddenly, Rachel no longer feels grateful for her Broadway debut. Getting ready to hit the stage that night, putting on her makeup, she sings Avicii and Aloe Blacc’s “Wake Me Up” with a far more depressing melody than last year’s summer anthem. Just as Rachel appears to be entering a new low, a Fox executive barges into her dressing room to pitch her on a new TV show called Song of Solomon and wants her to fly out to LA for some meetings. All she needs to do is get her understudy to cover for her.

Her former understudy, Santana (Naya Rivera), is now living in Mercedes’ Manhattan pad. Mercedes (Amber Riley) returns home from a meeting with her producers and tells Santana that they think everything she’s recorded thus far could thrive as a single. Then, Mercedes is inspired to give a duet between her and Santana a shot and brings her high school pal/nemesis with her to the recording studio. The two end up singing “Doo Wop (That Thing)” throughout the building – from the bathroom to the basement.

Mercedes' producer doesn’t advise dropping her first single as a duet with an unknown singer and pushes her to instead release one of her solo tracks. Santana is completely okay with just being on one of the album tracks or on the next album, but Mercedes is intent on helping her new bestie out. Later that day, Mercedes walks into the diner with a contract for Santana to sign.

Kurt & Blaine Sing 'Story Of My Life'

Still enrolled at NYADA, Kurt (Chris Colfer) finds out that socialite June Dolloway (Shirley MacLaine) will be paying a visit for the unveiling of a new dance lab that’s been dedicated to her and that he’s been given the honor of performing at her ribbon-cutting ceremony. Kurt decides that since he and Blaine (Darren Criss) are planning on getting married, they should share the unforgettable opportunity together and recruits him to join him. Unfortunately for Kurt, his plan backfires when June is more impressed with Blaine’s vocals on One Direction’s “Story of My Life” than his. June invites only Blaine with her to a big fundraiser event.

At the event, which features a cameo by Eric Roberts, Blaine and June hit the stage together. The donations aren't exactly coming in, so June says they have to raise the bar. In a last ditch effort, the two power through “Piece of My Heart,” which has the energy to get the money to start flowing in.

Meanwhile, Rachel has decided to take the Fox executive up on his offer and tells Funny Girl producer Sydney that she’s sick and goes off to Los Angeles to audition. For her audition piece, Rachel choses to sing “The Rose.” The producers try to cut her off, but she sings the song beautifully in its entirety. Turns out, they’re not looking for the TV show to be a musical. Upon getting the script, she bumbles through the next part of her audition, making her realize the stage is still the place for her. It’s time to get back to Broadway.

Santana Fills In For Rachel

LA traffic ends up derailing Rachel’s plans to get back in time for that night’s show. She calls up Kurt to help her problem solve. He ends up heading to the diner and alerting Mercedes and Santana, who is up to the task of resuming her role as Rachel’s understudy. Rachel arrives at the theater just as Santana is wrapping up, and afterwards, thanks her profusely. The new Santana, intent on being a better friend, tells her onetime rival she doesn’t want anything in return.

Though Kurt hasn't asked Blaine to repay him for the opportunity with June, Blaine tries to anyway, asking her if Kurt can join him in the showcase she’s planning for him. June shuts him down. She also encourages him to call off his engagement and explore what life has to offer him before settling down into married life. Blaine doesn’t listen, though, and tells Kurt they’re doing the showcase together regardless.

Although Santana saved the Funny Girl performance, it’s unsure if she’s saved her friend from censure from Sydney. Sydney, upon learning from Rachel the real reason why she didn’t get back to the show on time, is understandably livid. He calls her out on her immaturity, irresponsibility and her misguided ambitions. Since she’s their star, he’s not going to fire her. However, another misstep and she’s out of the show and he’s going to make sure she never works on Broadway again.

Rachel Contemplates TV Career

One would think that Rachel received the shot of reality she needed, but that was before the Fox exec phoned her up to give her an update. While she didn’t land the part she auditioned for, they’re considering developing a show specifically for her. Once again, she’s baited into believing the grass could be greener out on the West Coast.

Next week, an episode written by Colfer will feature some Peter Pan and a guest-starring appearance by June Squibb.

– Chelsea Regan

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