The four-episode revival of 10-year-old Gilmore Girls finally dropped last Friday, and ended with a major reveal – that Rory is pregnant.


The father of the baby bump, however, was kept a secret, though there are a few guesses that come to mind as to who it could be.

The first option is Logan (Matt Czuchry), who had an arrangement with Rory while living in London, that they could fool around, regardless of their significant others. Rory had strong feelings for Logan, but those were slashed when he moved in with his fiancee.

The next is the nameless nice guy in the Star Wars Wookie costume Rory had a one-night-stand with. While this is unlikely the father, it would still be amusing to hear Lorelai muse about Star Wars puns for the rest of their lives.

Then we have Jess (Milo Ventimiglia), who might even be less likely than the Wookie. As far as we know, Rory and Jess haven’t been intimate for years, but it became clear that Jess still loved Rory, so it wouldn’t be the craziest chain of events to imagine.

And lastly, there is Paul (Jack Carpenter), who everyone seems to forget. He was Rory’s longtime boyfriend that Rory kept forgetting to break up with. Technically they were still dating up until the last scene of the Netflix revival, when he broke up with her via text message. So while this is also unlikely, he is not out of the running.

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