Gilberto Valle, the “Cannibal Cop,” was found guilty by a 12-person Manhattan jury on Tuesday for conspiring to kidnap, kill and eat women. The case against Valle, 28, cited his disturbing internet search history and chat room conversations that indicated his violent fetish was more than just a fantasy, but an indication of his intent to follow through with his plans.

Valle’s home computer, which his wife, Kathleen Mangan-Valle gave to the authorities, contained photos of injured women, Facebook photos of friends and Google search items such as, “How to kidnap a woman,” The New York Daily News reports.

“The majority of what we were looking at we felt was fantasy,” juror Victor Pineiro told the Daily News. “I think like an addict needs a larger and larger dose, he was needing things that were more and more real and he was progressing.”

Valle was also charged with using a federal database improperly, as he reportedly was tracking down actual people using the system.

Valle’s attorney, Julia Gatto, maintained her client’s innocence in the trial.

“These are thoughts, very ugly thoughts, but we don’t prosecute people for their thoughts," Gatto told reporters of Valle, who will be sentenced June 19, 2013. "And we’ll continue to appeal and continue to fight for Mr. Valle.”—Hal Sundt

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