How to Get Away with Murder’s two-episode season finale began with Wes (Alfred Enoch) returning from the visit to Rudy in the mental hospital. Following Laurel’s (Karla Souza) advice, he doesn’t let on about his whereabouts to Rebecca (Katie Findlay), though she’s well aware of exactly where he’s been.

‘The Night Lila Died’ Recap

While Wes and Rebecca end up in bed together, a flashback to five months earlier, shows Rudy in the same bed, overhearing a fight between Rebecca and Lila (Megan West). Rudy hears Lila tell Rebecca that she’s decided to get back together with Griffin (Lenny Platt), and blame Rebecca for her affair with Sam “Darcy” Keating (Tom Verica). “I’m done acting like some trashed out druggie whore,” she screams at Rebecca, effectively ending their friendship.

Meanwhile, in the present, Connor (Jack Falahee) and Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) look like they’re about to get back to the physical part of their relationship, when Oliver insists that they get tested before they have sex again. Connor reluctantly agrees to go with Oliver to a clinic, where they’ll both see where they stand. In the doctor’s office, Connor confesses to having a lot of sex – and to not always wearing a condom. Worried, he leaves before he gets the results.

Nate’s Trial

Nate (Billy Brown), still imprisoned for Sam’s murder, is trying to get out on bail. Unfortunately, he didn’t take Annalise’s (Viola Davis) advice about getting a new lawyer and his current lawyer is unable to convince the judge that he’s not a flight risk. Bonnie (Liza Weil) sees that Annalise was present for the hearing, and urges her not to get too involved in Nate’s case. Ignoring Bonnie’s warning, Annalise has Frank (Charlie Weber) use his guy inside the jail to have Nate beat up, thinking that that will help him get out of jail. Instead, she learns he was placed in solitary. For plan B, they trick Asher (Matt McGorry) into chit-chatting with the bond hearing judge, which exposes a conflict of interest that gets Nate released on bail.

Case/Lesson Of The Week

In her law classroom, Annalise explains to the students why you’re allowed to change your plea from guilty to not-guilty and reveals that in order to defend the guilty, a lawyer must convince his or herself that their client is innocent. Her current client, Father Andrew, reverses his guilty plea for killing a fellow priest after Agnes, the woman he loves – but with whom he hasn’t consummated that love – walks into the court room. Father Andrew eventually confesses to Annalise that it’s true he killed Father Bernard when he was able to confirm that the clergyman had been preying on a boy who ultimately took his own life. He knows what he did was wrong, but it doesn’t feel wrong. However, when Agnes takes the stand to give him a fake alibi about them sleeping together, Father Andrew reverses his plea once again and confesses to the murder before the judge.

Five Months Ago

Rebecca, fresh off her conversation with Lila, is snorting lines of cocaine at Griffin’s frat house. He tells her that Lyla has been blowing up his phone. Rebecca responds by asking him for a tour of the house, which leads to sex. Lila, who received a text from Griffin’s phone sent by Rebecca, barges in to catch them in the act. In her rage, Lila scratches and claws at Griffin, which explains his DNA under her nails. Griffin, meanwhile, realizes that Lila had set them both up. Eventually, Rebecca goes to the sorority house to find Lila.

Keating 4 Confront Rebecca

Wes can’t shake his suspicions about Rebecca, but Laurel tells him not to approach her about his doubts yet. However, Michaela (Aja Naomi King) and the rest overhear them and are ready to confront Rebecca. When Rebecca gets back to the apartment, she finds them all there waiting for her and wanting the truth. With everyone surrounding her, she uses her biggest weapon, the knowledge of the whereabouts of the campus cop who saw them at the Keatings the night of Sam’s murder.

When Annalise shows up at Wes’s apartment they have Lila bound and gagged.

‘It’s All My Fault’ Recap

With Annalise before them, Wes, Michaela, Laurel and Connor all start speaking over each other about what’s happened. Surmising all the chatter, Wes tells Annalise that they think that Sam may have been innocent. In response, Annalise goes into the bathroom and closes the door. She takes the tape off of Rebecca’s mouth, but she screams. Eventually, they all bring Rebecca to Annalise’s home office. Again, Annalise takes the tape off of Rebecca’s mouth, responding to her students’ protestations by reminding them that they’re not monsters. To get to the bottom of everything, she wants them to do a mock trial to try to determine what really happened.

Rebecca, ever distrustful, tries to convince Connor that Wes is the one they should be most wary of, as he’s the one they know killed someone. She even suggests that Wes may have killed his mother, who committed suicide when he was 12, but Connor isn’t buying it. When Asher comes over to make sure Frank isn’t going to spill about him and Bonnie, the Keating 4 hide downstairs. When Frank returns to them, he ties Rebecca up in the basement.

Annalise has some one-on-one time with Rebecca and tries to find the truth of Lila’s murder, which Rebecca refuses to give her. Annalise needs Wes to get Rebecca to trust him again. To Wes, Rebecca admits to giving Rudy PCP and purple x because she was wet from the water tank. That night, she had gone to see Lila only to find her dead in the water. Hearing people up on the roof, she hid in the water so that no one would tie her to the murder. When Wes comes up to tell everyone her story, Rebecca goes missing.

Relationship Drama

While they’re working on the fake case, Annalise complies with Nate’s lawyer’s request to give a statement. She tells the lawyer that after she and Nate had sex at his apartment the night that Sam went missing, he followed her home, where Nate and Sam had a mild physical altercation. When Annalise sees a bloodied and bruised Nate going into his home, he questions her testimony to the cops. He then realizes she said it to explain his print on Sam’s ring.

As for Annalise’s students, Michaela meets up with her ex-fiancé’s mother, who is more than ready to move past their last fight. She apologizes profusely for all of the things that she said to her and wants her to fix things with Aiden. Michaela, realizing that Aiden’s mother must know about Aiden not being straight, refuses to accept the apology or make things work with a man who doesn’t love her. Connor, meanwhile, learns that he’s free from STD’s. When he returns to Oliver’s apartment to share the good news, he’s stunned to find a crying Oliver, who found out he’s HIV-positive.

Five Months Ago

The night of Lila’s murder, Lila had called Sam to talk about his baby that she’s carrying. She threatens to tell Annalise, which gets him him to hop in the car and drive from New Haven back to Connecticut. Before he gets there, she goes to the Keatings and meets Bonnie, who convinces Lila not to talk to Annalise. After leaving, Lila goes to the roof of her sorority and gets a call from Sam, who urges her to stay where she is and that he’s going to come find her. When he gets there, he tells her he no longer loves Annalise and only wants to be with her. He then tells her he needs to go Annalise right away and heads to a payphone and calls Frank, telling him, “I need you to do what we talked about.” Frank kills Lila.

Back in the present, Annalise confronts Frank about Lila’s murder and he says it wasn’t him, and asks if it was her. She says it wasn’t her either. Pan to under the stairs is a dead Rebecca. “And now what?” Frank asks Annalise.


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