French prosecutors denied on Wednesday that they had recovered any video footage from the Germanwings Flight 9525 crash, despite reports of cell phone footage.

Alleged Cell Phone Footage Of Germanwings Crash

On Tuesday, French newspaper Paris Match claimed that investigators had recovered cell phone footage of the crash in the wreckage. The footage allegedly covered the last minutes of the flight and was reported to prove that the passengers on the flight were screaming and aware that they were going to die. “The scene was so chaotic that it was hard to identify people, but the sounds of the screaming passengers made it perfectly clear that they were aware of what was about to happen to them,” Paris Match claimed.

On Wendesday, French prosecutor Brice Robin denied the existence of any such recording, and called for anybody with any knowledge of video recordings of this nature to step forward. “A person who has such a video needs to immediately give it to the investigators,” Robin said.

A spokesman for the French Gendarmerie in charge of the rescue and recovery efforts at the crash site in the French Alps called any report of recovered footage “completely wrong” and “unwarranted.” The spokesman confirmed that they had recovered cell phones from the crash, but insisted that they had not been processed.

Julian Reichelt, editor-in-chief of Bild online, another publication that reported on the alleged video, stands by the report.

Andreas Lubitz Researched Cockpit Door Security

On Thursday, prosecutors announced that Andreas Lubitz, the co-pilot believed to have intentionally crashed the plane to kill himself and the 149 others onboard, had conducted Internet searches on suicide and cockpit doors. Lubitz is believed to have used cockpit door security to lock out the pilot, giving him full control of the plane at the time of the crash. Investigators confirmed they ahd recovered an iPad in Lubitz’s apartment and reviewed his browsing history from March 16 to March 23 (the day before the crash).

“During this time the user was searching for medical treatments, as well as informing himself about ways and possibilities of killing himself.… On at least one day the person concerned also spent several minutes looking up search terms about cockpit doors and their safety measures,” they said in a statement.

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