Author George R. R. Martin is still working on the sixth entry in his venerable A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy series, the same saga HBO’s popular Game of Thrones television drama is based upon. However, although development of his latest installment, The Winds of Winter, continues indefinitely, a recent interview Martin  has divulged a juicy tidbit for fans to mull over.


Last year, Martin was interviewed in an issue of the Chinese edition of Esquire magazine, the cover of which features the writer sitting on a cushioned chair with a sword and crown. Martin discussed his highly anticipated title in the interview, and CNET translated it. It does contain spoilers for the series, of course, so proceed ahead at your own discretion.

Although Catelyn Stark’s role ends when the character dies in the emblematic Red Wedding event in HBO’s rendition of the universe, she was resurrected in Martin’s third novel as Lady Stoneheart. A “vengeful, heartless killer,” the aptly-named Stoneheart will continue to play a role in The Winds of Winter. “She is an important character in the set of books,” Martin affirms. He adds that maintaining her character is the one aspect he most wishes he could change about HBO’s adaption. So, while Stark may not reunite with her kids in HBO’s work, she very well may in Martin’s.

HBO’s Game of Thrones, meanwhile, is currently heading towards what is projected to be an emotional finale in 2019.

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