Please (don’t) stop the music. George Harrison may or may not have rolled about in his grave when Republican nominee Donald Trump played the beloved 1969 Beatles song “Here Comes the Sun” during the Republican National Convention on Thursday. Harrison’s estate called the unauthorized playing “offensive” and “against the wishes of the George Harrison estate.”

The estate took to Twitter to voice their concerns about the blunder.


Other Twitter users were equally horrified.

And still others found the whole incident irrelevant.

The song, which was written by Harrison, accompanied Ivanka Trump‘s entrance before she introduced her father as the official Republican presidential candidate. CNN Money reported “Political campaigns are supposed to obtain licenses to play copyrighted music, according to music licensing lawyer Lawrence Iser. Or they can play songs from the convention hall’s catalog of licensed music. Otherwise, it’s copyright infringement.”

Harrison’s estate suggested that “Beware of Darkness” would have been a wiser choice for the campaign.


Trump has a habit of blasting music he isn’t legally allowed to use. A slew of other musicians have spoken out against the unauthorized use of their songs, including Queen, the Rolling Stones and Adele. Trump has played “We Are the Champions” and “Rolling in the Deep” at a number of political rallies despite being asked to quit it.