George Floyd and Derek Chauvin were well acquainted before May 25, as the two previously worked together at a Minneapolis nightclub. A man by the name of David Pinney shared this information with CBS News on Tuesday.

Pinney’s remarks echoed those of Floyd’s family members, who have claimed that Floyd’s death was personal.

CBS News pressed Pinney for information on the two men’s relationship. When asked how well Chauvin knew Floyd, Pinney said, “I would say pretty well.”

Pinney claims to have worked with the two at El Nuevo Rodeo club and said the pair had a history of tension.

“They bumped heads…It has a lot to do with Derek being extremely aggressive within the club with some of the patrons, which was an issue,” Pinney explained.

The owner of the nightclub, which has now been lost to arson, Maya Santamaria, told CBS News that Chauvin took a different approach in how he treated African-Americans at the club.

Chauvin worked at El Nuevo Rodeo when he was off-duty and usually monitored the club outside, sitting in his squad car. Floyd worked as a security guard inside.

Chauvin has been criminally charged in Floyd’s death for third-degree murder, second-degree unintentional murder and manslaughter and is being held on a $1.25 million bail.