Game of Thrones celebrated King Joffrey’s nuptials to Magaery Tyrell on Sunday night’s episode – a lavish affair that ended with the silent, bloodless death of Joffrey, the loudest and most wantonly violent ruler in the realm.

Game of Thrones Recap

Before the wedding unfolds in King’s Landing, Game of Thrones visits Ramsay (Iwan Rheon) over at the Dreadfort, where he’s still holding Theon Greyjoy aka Reek (Alfie Allen) prisoner. With Reek in tow, Ramsay searches and hunts down a young woman with the aid of dogs. She’s to be punished for having made one of Ramsay’s conquests jealous.

The fun and games end for Ramsay when his father Roose Bolton (Michael McElhatton), who’s returning from his slaughtering at the Red Wedding, arrives. Proudly, Ramsay shows off the castrated Reek. Instead of winning his father’s praise, Ramsay is admonished for devaluing the Greyjoy boy, who can no longer be used as a bartering chip. Now, in order to regain Roose Bolton’s respect, Ramsay must take Moat Cailin.

In King’s Landing, Lannister brothers Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) and Jamie (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) converse over dinner. Tyrion isn’t hiding the fact that he takes a sort of glee in Jamie’s loss of a hand, making them more equal. In a moment of vulnerability, Jamie admits to his brother that he can’t fight with his left hand. Coming to his brother’s rescue, Tyrion sets him up with lessons with Bronn (Jerome Flynn). Bronn promises his discretion, but there seems to be numerous reasons for Jamie to worry that his secret will come out.

Tyrion Dumps Shae

Tyrion, after learning from Varys (Conleth Hill) that Tywin (Charles Dance) seems likely to soon take action against Shae (Sibel Kekilli), makes up his mind to break it off with her for good. In a brutal exchange, Tyrion tries to pay her off. When that doesn’t work, he shames her for being a whore, telling her he cannot love a whore, nor have children with one. It’s clear that Tyrion is pained by having to dismiss her.

North of the Wall, Bran (Isaac Hempstead Wright) visits a godswood tree and divines a message about the three-eyed crow. They need to keep traveling in order to find it. He also sees glimpses into the past – including one of his father – and of the present. At some point in the future, according to his vision, snow will fall down into the Throne Room at King’s Landing, where Dany’s (Emilia Clarke) dragons fly up above.

As the wedding fast approaches, Joffrey (Jack Gleeson) happily opens his numerous wedding gifts. One gift he’s not impressed with comes from Tyrion, a helpful guidebook about ruling. In fact, once he receives the Valyrian steel sword from his grandfather, Joffrey tears into it. Also, true to his sadistic nature, he names his sword Widow’s Wail.

The Royal Wedding

Joffrey’s wedding ceremony to Margaery (Natalie Dormer) feels perfunctory, as the main action takes place during the extravagant reception. There, Jamie and Loras (Finn Jones) have an awkward chat about Loras marrying Cersie (Lena Headey). Cersei, meanwhile, lets Brienne (Gwendoline Christie) know that she knows she has a thing for Jamie. Cersei also stomps on Margaery’s plan to feed the leftovers to the townspeople and instead has it arranged for it to go to the dogs. Cersei, however, is put on the defensive when Oberyn (Pedro Pascal) makes a veiled threat about her daughter Mrycella, who’s still in Dorne.

Breaking up the conversations, Joffrey reveals his special wedding entertainment – little people like his uncle fighting each other as members of the houses of past kings, including Rob Stark, who gets beheaded in the production. The only people who don’t appear perturbed by the display are Joffrey and his mother, Cersei. When Joffrey suggests Tyrion join the charade, things take an even more awkward turn.

King Joffrey's Death

Every time Joffrey attempts to humiliate his uncle, Tyrion comes up with a quip to eschew embarrassment or does exactly as asked, including serving as his cup bearer. Growing more and more eager to teach his uncle his place, Joffrey eventually commands him to kneel, an act Tryrion refuses to do. When the wedding pie arrives, Joffrey sits down for a bite and then orders Tyrion to give him more wine because it’s dry. Tyrion complies, and within seconds his nephew is on the ground unable to catch a breath.

Cersei begins to have a breakdown, as Jamie rushes over to try to save his incest-born son. A worried Sansa (Sophie Turner) gets a whispered message from Dontos (Tony Way) to leave now in order to save her life. And, just before Tyrion can realize what’s happened, Joffrey fingers him as his killer. In no time, Tyrion is shackled and led to the dungeons to await a trial that will almost certainly lead to a death sentence.

– Chelsea Regan

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