Legendary Films has closed the deal with Peter Dinklage and Jason Momoa for them to star in the company’s new vampire movie, Good Bad & Undead. 

The movie will feature Dinklage playing a man named Van Helsing who is the last of a line of vampire slayers. Van Helsing has an unlikely partnership with Momoa’s character who happens to be a vampire. 

The vampire has taken a vow never to kill again and with that in mind, the two create a scam that they run in different towns where Van Helsing pretends to get rid of the vampire for money. The two continue to put on this act until there is a bounty set for the vampire’s head. All around monsters and humans alike set out to destroy this duo. 


The movie is based on the idea from Mark Swift and Damian Shannon, who are also the writers of Freddy Vs. Jason. Filmmaker Max Barbakow, who is behind Palm Springs, which was a Sundance hit will direct the movie.  

Even though the two never shared a scene on Game of Thrones, the actors will be reuniting after their time on the show. Dinklage’s character Tyrion Lannister was in Westeros while Momoa’s character Khal Drogo was in Essos.

Dinklage has won four Emmys for his performance in Game of Thrones and has recently committed to Last Sons of America. 

Momoa has recently starred in Aquaman, which made billions in revenue and has finished Sweet Girl on Netflix. He is also going to be in Legendary’s Dune, playing Duncan Idaho from director Denis Villeneuve.

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