Gal Gadot has revealed that she currently had no plans to return to the Fast & Furious franchise when talking about her acting career and her role as the iconic superhero Wonder Woman during an interview with MTV News while promoting Wonder Woman 1984’s upcoming release on HBO Max and in theaters. Gadot brought up an upcoming collaboration with her fellow Fast & Furious cast member Dwayne Johnson in the comedy thriller film Red Notice with Ryan Reynolds on the Netflix streaming service.

Gadot first appeared in the Fast & Furious series as Gisele Yashar in the fourth installment of the franchise Fast & Furious in 2009. Introduced as a love interest for Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and liaison for the main villain Arturo Braga (John Ortiz), Gisele develops into an independent and streetwise character. She eventually becomes part of the main cast in the franchise, even becoming a love interest for the character Han Lue (Sung Kang) during the following two installments of Fast Five in 2011 and Fast & Furious 6 in 2013. In Fast & Furious 6, Gisele is killed she is thrown from a runaway plane in an effort to protect Han from the main antagonist Owen Shaw (Luke Evans), whom the group was after in order to get pardoned for their crimes after the events of Fast Five. Despite her sacrifice, Han is soon killed during the post-credits scene of Fast & Furious 6, where his car is blown up by Owen Shaw’s brother Deckard (Jason Statham) as revenge for the former’s injuries.

However, with Kang returning in the upcoming sequel F9, fans have been curious if Gadot would ever return to the Fast & Furious series. When asked about possibly appearing in a future film, Gadot simply stated, “Oh wow, I don’t know. I have no idea. Right now it’s not on my to-do list.”

While fans may be disappointed that they will not be able to see Gadot in the upcoming Fast & Furious movies, they can still look forward to watching Wonder Woman 1984 on December 25 in theaters or on HBO Max.

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