Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union released clips of their wedding footage edited as a romantic comedy.

Gabrielle Union And Dwyane Wade Wedding Video

Wade and Union tied the knot in August of 2014, but only recently decided to share video footage from their big day, which featured speeches by comedian Kevin Hart, and performances by John Legend. The couple released two separate videos on Friday, Sept. 11. One, a shorter, 2-minute video, was cut to resemble a romantic comedy trailer for “The Wade Union.”

“D, I’ve seen a change in you. You’re happy. Gab, you’re happy. I’m big on happy. I thrive off of being happy. No negativity in the world can break happy,” Hart said in his wedding toast, which also opens the short trailer. “You guys had a perfect f—king day. I apologize for cussing, people, but I’ve been drinking.”

“This Christmas Two Families Become One Big Family,” teases the trailer title cards.

Wade and Union also released a longer, 20-minute video of footage from their wedding. The lengthy video features Union walking down the aisle with two of Wade’s sons and Wade’s nephew, and reveals intimate details of their ceremony.

“Love isn’t about winning. Love isn’t about losing. Love is about [choice], and I choose you,” Wade told Union in his vows.

“I vow not to watch Scandal or Nashville without you,” Union said, in return.

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