Funny man Zach Galifianakis, sporting a shorn beard at Sunday's 84th Annual Academy Awards, where he co-presented Best Original Song with fellow comedian Will Ferrell, is either a red carpet interviewer's dream man — or their worst nightmare.

E!'s Catt Sadler, who caught Galifianakis outside the Governor's Ball after the Oscars, tried to make the most of things, but seemed to be caught off guard by the jokester's off-color humor. Aside from making a decidedly amateurish "Governor's Balls" joke, Galifianakis said his less-fluffy-than-usual beard was due to his filming "The Jodie Foster Story."

And when Sadler had to pause to look at her notes, Galifianakis made faces at the camera.

Watch the interview here:

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