Clint Eastwood, 82, made headlines at the Republican National Convention when he devoted his speech to debating an empty chair he pretended was occupied by President Barack Obama. Not surprisingly, Twitter blew up on the topic and two Twitter handles were created in response to the spectacle. The first, @Clintschair did not gain a great following, but the second, @InvisibleObama, became an instant hit. @InvisibleObama has been offering mocking tweets and has gained upwards of 42,000 followers and counting.

Of course, the real benefit of Eastwood’s bizarre rant is the witty reactions it inspired on Twitter by celebrities and pundits. The best reaction, though, came from the official Twitter account of President Barack Obama, @BarackObama, who tweeted, “This seat’s taken,” with a picture of himself sitting in the president’s chair. Below are our Top 10 favorite tweets from Eastwood's empty chair rant.

1. Barack Obama, @BarackObama:

This seat's taken.

Barack Obama, Twitter

2. Chris Rock, @chrisrockoz:

Clint Eastwood is the face of today's Republican party. Incoherent with stage three dementia. #RNC #GOP2012

3. Mo Rocca, @MoRocca:
Wow Clint Eastwood laid one Gran Turdito on stage last night. #RNC

4. Star Jones, @StarJonesEsq:
I can't believe I just watched #ClintEastwood turn into somebody's DRUNK UNCLE HARRY on the stage of the #GOP #RNC. He humiliated himself.

5. Olivia Munn, @oliviamunn:
Clint Eastwood was talking to an empty chair at the RNC…No, that's not the set up to a joke.

6. Seth Meyers, @sethmeyers21:
I hope invisible Obama stays on stage for Romney's speech.

7. George Takei, @GeorgeTakei:
Clint Eastwood's RNC speech was to imaginary Obama in an empty chair. I'm drafting a DNC speech to imaginary Romney in an empty factory.

8. Ed Schultz, @edshow:
Good news for Romney out of Clint Eastwood fiasco? He will get to fire some people #msnbc2012

9. Doug Benson, @DougBenson:
And I thought Clint Eastwood's new movie looked bad… # RNC

10. Hal Sparks, @HalSparks:
I was just about to make an #eastwooding joke and one of my kitchen stools told me to Go F*ck Myself… Touché!

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