News that pop legend Mariah Carey will be replacing Jennifer Lopez as American Idol judge on season 12 were met today with decidedly mixed reactions, not least because Carey will be making Idol history with her $18 million paycheck.

But whether you’re into her unicorn shenanigans or not, one thing’s for sure: Carey knows how to put on a show. Who can forget her memorable visit to the Home Shopping Network, during which she regaled audiences with endless stories of the intricacies of squeezing out her twins despite apparently being incapable of locating the camera, all the while nervous underlings tried in vain to push their products? (The distracted diva may be better suited for American Idle.) From her weight fluctuations to her odd, PDA-filled marriage to significantly younger America’s Got Talent host Nick Cannon, Carey keeps us on our toes… and, most importantly, she can actually sing.

We turned to Twitter to take the temperature of the general public on the big news… and we found that tweets reacting to her nomination vary as much as her vocal range, and measure her suitability with sticks as diverse as her technical ability, star appeal, and, err, personality, but most seem to ultimately agree that she will make the next season of American Idol a highly amusing viewing experience.

1. "Mariah Carey is reportedly making $18 million to judge American Idol. Nick Cannon is going to have a VERY fun day at the ugly suit store." —@ChaseMit

2. "It's official: Mariah Carey to be a judge on American Idol. (Was a wind machine and a stretch mini dress clause in her contract?)" —@DerekBlasberg

3. "Just can't get excited about Mariah Carey judging IDOL unless she does it from her elliptical machine in 5-inch heels. #bestmtvcribsever" —@ghweldon

4. "Chris Martin from Coldplay once called Mariah Carey's midsection her puppies. It's going to be the westminster dog show every night on Idol" —@bradblanks

5. "I'll only watch Mariah Carey on American Idol if she rides in on her unicorn that farts butterflies" —@seriouslyemily

6. '"OK, but here's how you should have sung it…" -Mariah Carey, after every single Idol performance next year" —@AaronFullerton

7. "Do you think anyone's told Mariah Carey that she's going to be on American Idol this year?" —@whitegrlproblem

8. "How is Mariah Carey going to be a judge on American Idol? Isn't she busy raising that boy, Nick Cannon, she adopted?" —@aguywithnolife

9. "Wow mariah carey is a new judge on american idol i’m so excited to continue my 3 year streak of not watching it"—@assholepoop

10. "BREAKING: New "American Idol" judges announced: Mariah Carey, a potted cactus, that dog from 'The Artist.'" ‪—@ScottChernoff

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