We’re both amused and sad to report that the most memorable moment of last night’s Presidential debate was Mitt Romney‘s Big Bird death threat, which sent social media spiraling and dumped salt on a wound inflicted by Barack Obama‘s perceived loss to a man who non-ironically lists Sesame Street budget cuts on his otherwise vague agenda. Former Gov. Romney promised to slash funding to what he deems to be non-essential items, including PBS, Big Bird and the network’s debate moderator Jim Lehrer: “I’m sorry Jim. I’m gonna stop the subsidy to PBS. I’m gonna stop other things,” said the Republican candidate. “I like PBS, I like Big Bird, I actually like you too,” he assured — but the damage was done. A Twitter user immediately created a @FiredBigBird account, which quickly amassed 10K followers, and a Facebook counterpart started the “Big Bird For President” page, which was liked by 500 others. Generating 17,000 tweets per minute, the phrase Big Bird managed to make the debate the most tweeted about political event in U.S. history, according to spokeswoman Rachael Horwitz and the Twitter Government account @gov. Glad to see we’ve got our priorities straight, people. Check out Uinterview’s Top 10 Funniest Tweets About Big Bird:

1. “Thank goodness somebody is finally getting tough on Big Bird.”—@BarackObama

2. Romney’s Big Bird statements were misquoted and twisted. He only intends to kill the person inside the Big Bird suit.—@ACNewman

3. Just saw Big Bird turning tricks by the Lincoln Tunnel.—@zachbraff

4. BREAKING NEWS: Big Bird fires agent, endorses Obama.—@BarrettAll

5. “I’ll never be able to convince 47 percent of children to care about the letter D” – Big Bird—@jlerwin


7. Mitt Romney is never going to convince Big Bird to take responsibility for his own life.—@blakehounshell

8. I want to see a debate between Big Bird and Clint Eastwood.—@Calestous

9. Big Bird just called Golf Channel to see if there’s an internship available.—@KellyTilghmanGC

10. Waiting for @realdonaldtrump to bring up the fact that Big Bird didn’t know who his real parents were. #birdther—@InvisibleObama

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