Opinions about TIME magazine's controversial cover photo for its May 21 issue have been pouring out in. Some say the cover, which features a 26-year-old model breast-feeding her four-year-old son, is "revolting." Others say it's "genius." While still others can't say anything because their lips are, at the moment, firmly attached to their own mother's sweet nipples.

And who can blame them in this economy? Forget the high prices of baby formula and Gerber's — try feeding one adult male in New York City on a blogger's budget. Trust me, it comes down to pennies and complimentary packets of non-dairy creamer, which are no substitute for the real thing. Right, Mom?

My friends on Twitter know what I'm talking about:

1. "Congrats to Justin Bieber & Cameron Diaz on their Time Magazine cover! Looking forward to release of your new rom-com 'Are You Mom Enough?'" —@mattob34


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2. "'You're that kid on that Time Magazine cover?! Cool! Let's be best friends.' — no one, ever, to that kid" —@KenTremendous

3. "This Mother's Day, don't forget to thank your mom for not putting you on the cover of Time Magazine." —@TheDweck

4. "Can't believe @time mag #breastfeeding cover. Teaching kids its ok to stand on the furniture." —@jeffmichael11

5. "Grown adults doing 'Word Searches' is way more damaging than that Time magazine cover." —@theyearofelan

6. "'Best $20 I've ever earned.' – midget on the cover of Time Magazine #mouthful" —@bpendy

7. "While all a yous were debating @Time cover I taught my children how to speak Tagalog and I cleaned my kitchen twice. WHO'S MOM ENOUGH NOW?" —@CJaneKendrick

8. "Why is that chick breastfeeding Justin Bieber on the cover of Time?" —@JoshMalina

9. "Someday, that kid breastfeeding on the cover of TIME will have his hair forcibly cut off by someone a lot like a young Mitt Romney." —@morninggloria

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