Ever since the U.S. Supreme Court started hearing arguments about President Obama's healthcare bill on Monday, we have been listening in. At first, we expected to hear little more than bone-dry legal jargon and sleep-inducing asides about constitutional exigencies. Much to our surprise, however, the Supreme Court hearing turned out to be an affair as riveting as any primetime TV show, complete with high stakes, sassy comebacks (go get your Emmy, Justice Sotomayor), and two laugh tracks — "loud," for when a clever justice makes an intentional funny, and "quiet," for suppressed giggles when Justice Thomas says anything. (He is allowed to talk, isn't he?)

Supreme Court humor is an art of its own. Because the nine justices are so highly educated and tenured for life, their humor is more esoteric and sharp than the buffoons running for office in a given year. Also, because their job is so important and sobering, they know they cannot be too funny, lest a lack of gravity be misinterpreted as helplessness, and deeper into despair we all sink.

So, as evidence for our case that more people should be tuning in to the Supreme Court (no video, but there is audio and transcripts), we are providing five SOTUS-related videos that show the high caliber of high court humor. Enjoy.

Exhibit A: Justice Kennedy's Gift Shop Gaffe

Exhibit B: "Our legal briefs are now Depends!"

Exhibit C: Supreme Court Spokesperson Attorney Jose Midas P. Marquez may have broken a microphone, or worse — a nail!

Exhibit D: Elena Kagan's Confirmation Comedy Show

Exhibit E: "Hi, Baby Bear, I am Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, but you can call me Justice."


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