Blockbuster director Michael Bay’s recent comment that his upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot would feature an "alien race" of ninjas — instead of those with mutant origins — had many fans splintering with rage. Even former Turtles voice actor Robbie Rist chimed in, chiding Bay for “sodomizing” fans' early childhoods.

Rist wasn't the only mutant goo loyalist to pipe up. Twitter saw its fair share of free speech aimed at bringing the Turtles back to earth. Here are ten:

1. “WTF Michael Bay is turning the Ninja Turtles into aliens!? What next they will remake Karate Kid and have him learn Kung Fu … Oh wait :S” — @GEMWINTER

2. “Woah! Is this the first "alien" image released from the new Michael Bay TMNT (Ninja Turtles) film?!?!” — @west_ON

3. “Go ruin someone elses childhood Michael Bay! Its #TeenageMUTANTNinjaTurtles not #TeenageAlienNinjaTurtles. Maybe Dora needs a reboot…?” — @R33Z

4. “Im rebooting Spiderman. This time Peter Parker gets his amazing powers from a wizard who hits him with a tractor. Michael Bay, call me.” — @DallonWeekes

5. “I'd trust Muhammad Ali on a tightrope holding an infant over an active volcano before I'd trust Michael Bay with the Ninja Turtles.” — @Hadzilla

6. “Michael Bay rebooting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ( starts crying ) NO!! NOOO!!! NOOOOOO!!!! ( Pounds hands on desk ) NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!” — @OlanRogers

7. “LOL! Just picturing Michael Bay's My Little Pony is making me laugh. He'd figure out a way to put explosions in some how.” — @jchensor

8. “Michael Bay is making a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie where the turtles are aliens. Someone should send him a copy of Highlander II.” — @sween

9. “Michael Bay remaking TMNT? While we are ruining my childhood maybe we get Bruckheimer to remake the day I 1st sipped Coke thru a bendy straw” — @kumailn

10. “Michael Bay to direct Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles after his 3 Transformers debacles. Why not just go to my childhood bedroom and torch it?” — @RubinReport


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