It's safe to say that few people were surprised to find that the world didn't end at midnight on Thursday, 12/21/12, as predicted by the ancient Mayans' long-count calendar and years of legend, but some people — celebs included — are thinking about the end of days, whether the Mayans were accurate or not.

Woody Harrelson, who starred in the apocalyptic movie, 2012, released three years ago, wouldn't be surprised if we are heading toward a fiery end. "Maybe that is one of the things that make people resonate with these apocalyptic movies," he told Movie Retriever. "I did this junket for 2012 and people kept asking me if I really thought that it was going to go in 2012 in the way that it seems to be going and I said that ecologically, we seemed to be right on target. I am really concerned with that because we are moving towards a very difficult time."

Ashton Kutcher, who will next portray Steve Jobs in a biopic about the tech guru's early life, also has some non-Mayan-related, end-of-the-world misgivings. "It won't take very much, I'm telling you," he told Men's Fitness. "It will not take much for people to hit the panic button. The amount of convenience that people rely on based on electricity alone. You start taking out electricity and satellites, and people are going to lose their noodle." And that's just the beginning, Kutcher says, before all hell really breaks loose.

And rapper Lil Wyane is even more specific about the Mayan prediction. "The world is about to end in 2012," he told Starpulse. "'Cause the Mayans made calendars, and they stop at 2012. I got encyclopedias on the bus. The world is about to end as we know it. You can see it already. A planet doesn't exist—there's no more Pluto. Planes are flying into buildings—and not just the Twin Towers. Mosquitos bite you and you die. And a black man and a woman are running for president."

Most celebs, however, are taking threats about the end of the world with a grain of salt. Stars took to Twitter to talk about their skepticism. Read their Twitter musings here:

"Exactly. 😉 RT @crumbmarie: @shaymitch the world can’t end cause I still dont know whose A." — Pretty Little Liars' Shay Mitchell

"Thought the end of the world was yesterday. Needless to say I was disappointed when I got on twitter…" — American Idol alumnus Colton Dixon

"@mackmaine ain’t that right 🙂 @macmiller best end of the world party EVER hahahahahahahhaha" — Miley Cyrus

"well 8 minutes till the end of the world for me. how are you all doing in europe and asia? still there?" — actress Milla Jovovich

"Tik tok tik tok 10 minutes til the end of the world in LA !" — musician Frankie Delgado

"end of the world? nobody’s got time for that s–t!" — television personality Aubrey O'Day

"People are now waking up realizing they r alive… Dude the day isn’t over" — Teen Mom Jenelle Evans

"So the world didn’t end… Cuppa anyone?" — Jessie J

"Glad the world didn’t end today… I woulda been mad as f–k" — rapper Big Sean

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